Mbombo - African Healing Rhythm 12-week Journey
CA$289 – CA$1,215
Mbombo - African Healing Rhythm 12-week Journey

Mbombo - African Healing Rhythm 12-week Journey

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The Path Yoga Centre

Suite 240 - 2083 Alma street

Vancouver, BC V6G 1C5

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  • Do you sometime feel like you have literally lost yourself?
  • Do you feel the pressure to be “successful”?
  • Does it seem like your life is filled with too many deadlines and a long to-do-list and not enough opportunities to experience and express joy and friendship?
  • Do you want to know how to feel happy on a daily basis?
  • Do you wish for an easy way to succeed in life while enjoying the process?
  • Would you like to vibrate at a frequency that effortlessly attracts what you desire?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. As we enter a New Year and the inevitable times of goal setting, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our true essence. We feel the pressure to be “successful”, we set goals and endeavour to achieve them in order to be happy, usually using will power, and eventually most people end up feeling discouraged and they give up; or if they reach some of their goals there is no joy in the process.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. It is possible to bring happiness and harmony into everything you do and enjoy greater quality of life every day, effortlessly.

MBOMBO can help.

Bringing happiness to everything we do can make a difference in our results, but we all know that developing a “positive” state of mind can be easier said than done.

Mbombo is designed to activate and maintain the experience of Authentic Joy. It is also a journey of Friendship, Connection and Belonging.

  • Joy comes from the soul and lasts much longer than fun, which is the experience of the mind
  • Joy brings us in the present moment and helps us connect with ourselves and others at a deeper level
  • Joy allows us to take action from inspiration vs will power

How would the experience of JOY help you change your life in 2017?

Instead of setting goals to add more content to your life, like for example a new car, a new relationship, a better job, etc., what if you were to go directly into the feeling you want to feel a year from now, at the end of 2017? And what if you could feel the feeling and then create your dream life from that place?

Developing joy and bringing that feeling into everything you do will help you naturally and effortlessly increase your level of success and happiness, and contribute to a greater quality of life..

Consider this:

What kind of an impact would that inner state of joy have in your life in 2017?

And how can you reach such inner state?

Mbombo can help! Using traditional African practices such as dancing, drumming and singing to activate joy and connection, Jacky Yenga will guide your journey into rhythm and you will:

  • Take a journey of the Soul and learn to develop a relationship with it
  • Discover and connect to your own vibration, your own authentic rhythm
  • Allow more flow into your being, naturally and effortlessly
  • Set new intentions that are aligned with your true essence, without any attachment
  • Let go of what does no longer serve you, take down the load you have been carrying, and step into a new path that you resonate with
  • Start vibrating at a frequency that will effortlessly attract what you desire

Cost: $399

Sign up Today and attend Mbombo and save up to $150 for taking action immeditatley!

Why a discount? Because I want you to register before November 30, 2016. It makes it easier for me to plan and get organized when I know in advance how many sisters will join the journey. Therefore the earlier you register, the greater the discount because I’d have less promo to do into the New Year. And when you register with your friends you save even more.

Remember, this is a 12-week journey that we are taking together, and other guest facilitators will join me. You are in good hands and this program will bring real value to your life.

What’s going to come out of you in 2017:

More goals? Or more JOY?

You decide...

Every Sunday - 5 to 7 pm - Jan 29, 2017 to April 23, 2017 (subject to change with spring break)

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Date and Time


The Path Yoga Centre

Suite 240 - 2083 Alma street

Vancouver, BC V6G 1C5

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