Meditation + Light + Sound 3.0

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#290, 1275 Venables St

Vancouver, bc


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Due to popular demand,

we are back at it!

we are so excited to invite you to our 3rd event, now in partnership with Werklab!


delight your senses, soothe your soul.


tried it yet?

In this one of a kind event you will be treated to 3 different components:

Intro to Meditation and brief guided practice

(by yours truly - Keira Haley)

Lucia Light No.3 session

(Tina Averback of Sky Studio Lucia)

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

(by the renowned Thedda Phoenix)

What is this light I speak of?

Invented in Austria by a physchologist and a neurologist, it stimulates the pineal gland and opens the "third eye". This gland is responsible for producing seratonin and melatonin. (happy feelings + improved sleep). This light helps your body regulate these hormones and balances you out naturally. Lucia No.3 also interferes with negative frequencies and thought patterns in the brain and replaces them with positive, more beneficial ones. It also naturally raises your vit D levels. (think- mood booster and bone health.) These are just a few of the many, many benefits.

Anxiety? Depression? Hormone irregularity? Bad sleep cyles? BC weather killing your vibe? We gotchu.

Science backed, relaxing, and beneficial. Come get comfortable under this white light.

YouTube: https://you.tu.be./FUJJZKhzc6Y

Ok, but singing bowls?

Yes. Singing bowls. Crystal ones. Each in a specific note, with specific intention.

Close your eyes and think of your favorite song. I ll wait.

Ok. Got it? Did you notice the edges of your mouth turn up? Thats a smile.

Did you feel something warm in your chest? Feel a lifting of your spirits and a calming of stress?

That called, happiness. Wellness. Also; science.

Music is effective, healing sound vibrations. Its undeniable. You can feel it in your physical body and also in your soul. We all have one, so fill it up!

We will be joined by Theda Phoenix, (singer, songwriteer and intuitive song and sound channe) whilst you are comfortably beneath the pure white light of Lucia No.3, a deeply relxing symphony will encompass you in the most beautiful vibrations there are. Think - Therapeutic windchimes on steroids with purpose and energy healing.

These sessions alone, are able to hold a room and provide multiple benefits; when working in harmony with eachother on this day, they enhance each other to provide a powerful, uplifting, personal, unparalleled experience.

come feel for yourself what all the buzz is about.

check out Theda!



spaces are limited.

secure your space in one of our 3,

1.5 hour sessions offered Sept.30 in partnershipwith Werklab!

11pm, 1pm, 3pm.

value exceeds $300

grab your ticket before we sell out again, these go fast.


no tax.

See you there!

Love, K

Follow us on IG for more information about the hosts and about this amazing space!!!

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Date and Time



#290, 1275 Venables St

Vancouver, bc


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