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The Great Hall

1087 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON M6J 1H3


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Beleza Yoga

Ana Silva

One Hour Yoga Class, Focusing On The Hips

WORKSHOP: The hips are a major joint in the body that allow us to sit, walk, dance, and move! They are also a major storage area for emotions. Hips need attention and love. This class is designed to help you open and strengthen your hips, to release tension and emotion, and most importantly to leave you feeling great.

Mrs G's Essentials
Lauren Granville


WORKSHOP: In this workshop you'll discover the elevating properties and healing powers of natures best gift- essential oils. Learn how you can use them to balance your moods, increase immunity, reduce pain, get better sleep and much more! The workshop will also include making your own roller remedies: for tension relief, better sleep, improved immune system, digestion & seasonal threat support! $5 is charged for your take home roller.

Kick It With Kelly

The Secret Keys to Optimal Health; 6 Foundational Principals of Optimal Health

WORKSHOP: More than 90% of all health, wellness and body image issues stem from an imbalance of the 6 Foundational Principals of Optimal Health. Participants will learn the keys as well as little tests they can do on themselves to show where their health is at in certain areas, and will leave with an excellent knowledge base, tips, tricks and “how to’s” on how to balancing these 6 foundational principals in their own individual lifestyles, making their health, wellness and body image goals as attainable as possible in their chosen lifestyles.

Anamaya Wellness
Anja Todorovic

Resolve To Evolve • New Moon Intention-Setting Workshop

WORKSHOP: Are you feeling a little unsure of yourself? Unsure of your path? Unsure of your purpose? Unsure of how you can live a life that is in vibrational alignment with your truest, Higher Self?

The NEW YEAR - coupled with the energetic power of a NEW MOON is a magical and fiercely potent time to set intentions, and to create new pathways and open new doorways for yourself. It’s a time to receive clarity about the things you really want to create and manifest in your life and to send intentional energy into those spaces. Committing yourself to a new moon ritual, has the power to recharge, realign & recalibrate your energy to optimize your creative potential and manifestation.

*Included in this workshop is an Intention-Setting Workbook that you will be able to take home with you and reflect on after the workshop and revisit whenever, personally curated by Anja*

Robina Abramson-Walling

Arbonne Regional Vice President

Create your life: How to live a life you love

WORKSHOP: This workshop will discuss how you can control the life you want to live by utilizing a few tools and principle which will transcend your life physically, mentally and spiritually. You will walk away with tips that you will be able to put into practice right away and get started, so dream big!

Myndful Me


Mindful Guided Meditation

WORKSHOP: This 60 minute Workshop will provide space for anyone feeling called to enhance their own personal wellbeing through learning and practicing a variety of different tools, including- therapeutic approaches, mindfulness based meditation and the power of Intention all in a friendly, community based environment. Brittney Cassidy will be guiding others through several different mindfulness based techniques including a guided mediation, an engaging Neuroscience based exercise, as well as helpful stress reduction tips that can be applied on a daily basis.

Mums & Tums Canada

Heather Dolimont

How To Have Your Best Pregnancy & Birth

WORKSHOP: This is the ultimate lowdown on how to set yourself up for the the most empowered, healthiest and most positive pregnancy and birth that you could possibly imagine! Think childbirth education, but condensed into an information-packed workshop, and highlighting tidbits, experts and information that chances are you may never have ever heard before. This is great for anyone and everyone. This is great if you're planning on becoming pregnant in the future, this is great if you already are pregnant, this is also great if you've already had your babies and you know at least one or more people in your friends/family networks who is planning to have a baby in the future, or is currently pregnant. So don't think you have to be an expecting mother/father in order for you to greatly benefit from this information.

Brittany Camilleri

Director Of Operations at Gifts for the Homeless Inc

Learning about Emotional Hygiene and ways to heal those emotional wounds.

WORKSHOP: We have all been told to ‘Be positive’ or ‘just try and think positive thoughts’, but what does that actually mean? We know thinking positive is easier said then done. Positive thinking is a ripple effect. When you think positive thoughts, it generates positive energy that will manifest; thinking negative will only have you manifest negative energy. It is the law of attraction. If you think the world is against you, rather than with you, you will only have the world play against you. The key to this is to pay attention to your feelings. Feelings are generated by thoughts, and then you put thoughts into actions. YOU choose to have negative thoughts and YOU choose to have a positive ones.

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Date and Time


The Great Hall

1087 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON M6J 1H3


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