Mindfulness 101: Movement – Meditation – Community

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Suite102 - 822 Richmond St W

822 Richmond Street West

Toronto, ON M6J 1C9


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Mindfulness 101 is a 4-part class series, designed to offer the practical tools that support one through their Mindfulness Journey.

About this Event

Each day, many people approach Mindfulness while they are already distressed. This leaves little room for tangible improvements or significant neurological changes.

Mindfulness 101 is a 4-part class series, designed to offer the practical tools that support one through their Mindfulness Journey. Through researched-based practices, the intention is to offer a “crash course” on everything from mindful-movement to meditation and community connection. Ultimately healing the self, mind and body.

What does this mean?

Mindfulness 101 is a preventative practice – strongly focusing on creating mindful habits that allow one to interact with life’s stressors from a calm and logical mindset. General feelings of peace, creativity, clear-mindedness, gratitude and physiological relaxation are common side-effects of Mindfulness Practices.

For many, Mindfulness is the journey to self-love, healing and awareness. To give the self space from “doing” and “going”, and to practice the art of “being”.

Attendance to all 4 classes is not mandatory but highly encouraged. Each class will consist of a portion of mindful-movement, meditation as well as discussion.

Materials Required:

  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Journal
  • An open mind & loving heart

Individual Class Descriptions:

Week 1 (June 22): Breathwork -11AM-12:30PM

Intentional breathing enhances attention to detail while improving overall brain health by promoting the growth of new neural-connections. By engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, breathing practices are essential for building long-term concentration skills, as well as inducing relaxation and anxiety relief.

During our first class, we explore various breathing techniques through yoga-based movement as well as meditation. We open & close the experience by discussing and reflecting on how each practice affects the mind & body.

Week 2 (July 27): Managing Awareness -11AM-12:30PM

This session focuses on the ideas surrounding the power of thought & awareness. We practice tuning into ourselves, then our immediate surroundings to become fully present.

With a non-judgemental approach, we slowly begin to increase our ability to intentionally manage our thoughts by strategically focusing on our internal experience first, and ultimately allowing our awareness to expand beyond the body.

During this class, we build strong community connections and awareness by working with others to enhance and deepen our practice.

Week 3 (August 24): Loving Kindness -11AM-12:30PM

It has been said for each negative occurrence, we require 5 positive occurrences to counter-act it and change our perception. Spending time during meditation to focus on loving-kindness towards ourselves, allows us to re-direct our thinking in a more patient and compassionate direction.

Shifting focus onto love, kindness and gratitude has many short as well as long-term benefits including:

• Natural boost in energy

• Increased creativity & optimism • Improved sleep quality

• Emotional regulation

During this class, we learn how to meditate on Loving Kindness, and how to integrate these feelings into the body using movement.

Week 4 (September 28): Release & Restore -11AM-12:30PM

A major source of stress & anxiety for many people stems from an inability to change the past, accept the present or predict the future.

When practicing Mindfulness regularly, we improve our own ability to detach from circumstances both within as well as outside of our control – improving our responses by regulating and releasing emotional attachment to circumstance.

During this class we engage in a deep, restorative/yin yoga practice, combining everything we’ve learned through meditation to create an all-encompassing healing experience.

Meet Aliana Comeau:

As a Certified Yoga & Meditation instructor with a strong focus on Sustainable Mindfulness Practices – Aliana uses her website, social media and community connection as a platform to share her progress & knowledge – while simultaneously working with clients on an individual or group basis to develop & guide Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life.

The journey to self-discovery begins from within – to access our personal power and create positive, lasting change within our lives as well as the lives of others.

Whatever your passion is, Aliana’s dream is to build an all-encompassing community, created to inspire one another not only to uncover our true potential – but to connect, share and build unity.

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Suite102 - 822 Richmond St W

822 Richmond Street West

Toronto, ON M6J 1C9


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