Money, Manifesting and Magic

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820 Burnhamthorpe Rd

Toronto, Ontario M9C 4W2


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What if you could learn how to create anything you truly want in life from a place of manifesting your deepest desires?

If you could live from a place of authenticity, confidence and personal power?

Imagine this time next year…

You are walking down the street and you bump into yourself...
You’ve become who you said you would become...
And you’ve done what you said you would do...
And the journey has been as good as the destination...
You’ve experienced magical moments of delight...
You’ve manifested more than you thought was possible...
You have truly had your best year ever.

If you’re ready to step deeper into your AUTHENTIC TRUTH while you master the art of manifestation and consistently create what you want, join us for Money, Manifesting and Magic – a one day in-the-city get-away for conscious women & powerful entrepreneurs.

Together we will play and experiment so that you can start doing the things you've only ever dreamed of.

Here's what we're going to get up to:

  • Create A New Money Legacy By Learning Your Sacred Money Archetypes®

  • Identify Your Deep Desires and Let Go of The “Shoulds” So That You Can Say Yes And Manifest What’s Truly In Your Heart

  • Discover The REAL Reason Why You Get Stuck and Plateau

  • Experience A Shift Right Down To Your Core, Releasing Outdated Fears Or Worries Keeping You Awake At Night. It’s Time These Were Out Of Your Life For Good!

  • Get One Simple Next Step You Can Take To Immediately Create An Extraordinary, Magical 2018

In Money, Manifesting and Magic, our focus is on helping you learn and embody the process – so that you have practical tools to take with you in your day to day life. After all, each one of us has the "busy-ness" of life going on, don't we? Families, businesses, careers, kids, health? They're all important.

This workshop is the core – the foundation of you becoming a conscious creator in your life. To empower you to be able to transform, grow and have fun in the process!

You’ll get a set of tools and practices that you can use for different steps on your journey so that you can keep taking powerful, inspired, aligned action in your life.

In short, you’ll get access to the exact same tools and processes that my clients and I have used so that you too, can finally manifest your biggest desires.

These are the same practices that I used to leave my job, build my business and make over 6-Figures, and to guide many of my clients to do the things they’ve only ever dreamed of….

The bottom line is that when you attend Money, Manifesting and Magic, you’ll be empowered to create the life that you truly want…. Whatever it is that’s most important to you and that you desire the most….

And even if you're already well on your journey and a whiz at manifesting, this will be a great refresher with some added learnings. The community of like-minded individuals who are up to creating change and tranformation in the world will leave you glowing and grinning from ear to ear.

Sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it?

This isn’t something that’s only worked for me. Using our guidance & manifesting principles, our clients have experienced profound transformation of their own, including:

  • Feeling CLEARER, more CONFIDENT and inspired to keep taking steps towards their dreams

  • Going from freaking out about MONEY to feeling confident about manifesting exactly what they want, when they need it

  • Saying Adios! To their day jobs and following their passion… and getting clients right out of the gate!

  • Getting up on stage and SPEAKING after being terrified - for years

  • Increased personal HAPPINESS from owning their voice and speaking their truth

  • Creating NEW INCOME STREAMS that have allowed them to spend more time with FAMILY, purchase a new HOME, and TRAVEL more than ever…

  • Easily enrolling their own high-end clients at $2,000…. $5,000 …. Even $10,000

Right now you have an opportunity… an opportunity to finally learn the tools you need to unlock the doors and open a pathway to making more money, manifesting what you desire and doing it from a place of joy, happiness, and yes, magic…

You have an opportunity to reconnect with Deepest Self – your True Self.

You have an opportunity to bring forth the most authentic, highest expression of who you are and the work you do into the world.

Will you take aligned action and say YES to stepping into your deepest fulfillment?

Are you ready to make 2018 Extraordinary?

Or will you carry on as you have been, wishing for more but not knowing how to make it happen?

I know which choice I’d make for you if I could…

I’ve you’re ready to experience magic in your life, join us!

P.S. Hugs are UNLIMITED, FREE and included in your ticket ;)

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Date and Time


820 Burnhamthorpe Rd

Toronto, Ontario M9C 4W2


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