Monthly Breathwork & Mindful Movement for Mobility (BM3) Class

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Quantum Leap Dance Ltd.

11224 163 Street Northwest

Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6


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BM3 Method: Breathwork & Mindful Movement for Mobility

In this 6 part series you will learn how to:

Enhance athletic performance and functionality of the body

Combat anxiety or depression without adverse side effects common in pharmaceuticals

Improve concentration and focus... key factors for success

Enhance mobility of the body and help to naturally ease chronic pain

Activate the meridians (energy channels) of the body to release emotions and increase energy

Investment $25

email: innerverseconnect@gmail.com

Mobility of the body is often seen as a huge obstacle for many people. The common fitness methods often focus on building the body and fail in emphasizing the importance of preserving joints, muscles and mindful way of living.

When is comes to yoga and mediation, the challenge of clearing the mind and slowing down seems next to impossible in our age of constant technological connections, social media, cell phones, emails and demanding schedules that flood the mind and steer us away from our core and inner peace. This causes stress resulting in tightening expereinced in the body from an over active nervous system causing rigidness in the muscles and joints.

In this body opening and breathing practice, Charlene guides you through a yin style based practice to open the body, soften fascia that surrounds the muscles and elevate a state of peace in the mind. The yin practice involves slow movement while holding into certain postures for 3-5 minutes at a time. This helps to control the nervous system and increase the brains ability to focus all the while tapping into the breath.

The breath is key to creating a mind and body of peace. Charlene has studied and continues to study the power of the breath and its ability to control the nervous system.

In that state of Freeze/Fight/Flight, your body shuts down the immune system and digestive system, inhibiting your ability to heal and to digest. The moment that you take a deep inhale into the belly, the Amygdala quiets down and you immediately take control,gaining emotional intelligence in the moment. This translates in calming down in times of fear, distress, even helping with insomnia, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and chronic pain.

Now as much as everyone wants the latest diet method or healing potion... It is undeniable that the breath has an intelligence that we need to tap into. We have had the miracle inside of us the whole time!

Part 1 May 28/17

Focus on the body: Shoulders/ Neck/wrists & ankles

Focus of the breath: Activating the Diaphragm

Benefits: Mobility into the shoulders and chest; release

Part 2 June 25/17

Focus: Hips/ Hamstrings

Focus of the breath: strengthen diaphragm

Part 3 July 23/17

Focus: Hips/Quads

Focus of breath: Toxin and free radicals removal

Part 4 August 27/17

Focus of the body: Spine/ inner thighs

Focus of breath: Fully oxygenate the body

Part 5 September 24/17

Focus of the body: Side body/Outer Thighs

Focus of the breath: Breathing techniques to open meridians

Part 6 October 22/17

Focus of the body: Full body

Focus of the breath: Full body breathing

Charlene Smith has been a certified Yoga teacher since 2013 and has since learned from the best in the practice of Yin yoga and breathwork. Along with her many years of athletic training for sports and dance, she brings to you the tools you need to live a life you love and to love the body you live in.

Early Bird: $15


Register for all 6 classes for only $80!

email: innerverseconnect@gmail.com

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Date and Time


Quantum Leap Dance Ltd.

11224 163 Street Northwest

Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6


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