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MusicNL Week 2018: Creative Interactive Rhythm Event facilitated by Tom Alt...

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SUF/Victoria Hall

Twillingate, NL


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Creative Interactive Rhythm Event

Facilitated by Tom Alteen, Musubi Drum Circles

Objectives: This workshop is designed to ease you into Sunday morning and will:

  1. Introduce the participants to the joy of recreational hand drumming and world rhythms

  2. Provide an environment that will promote spontaneous creativity and synergy that will assist the attendees to find their own respective sense of rhythm

What is a Drum Circle?: A drum circle is a gathering of people who have a common interest in sharing music and celebrating life. It is "music in the moment" and is basically a big percussive jam of sorts. Everyone is in the band.

Tom will offer a rhythm to start things rolling (no pun intended) and a groove will spontaneously evolve.

Tom is a trained drum circle facilitator and besides supplying the hand-percussion instruments, will coordinate/orchestrate the drum circle to ensure that the attendees:

  • Have fun

  • Are able to express themselves

  • Can reduce their stress

  • Have a forum to socialize and meet new people

  • Exercise their minds, bodies, and spirits

  • Develop/improve their musical talents including their sense of rhythm, ability to play with others, and improvisation skills

For more information, please see the Musubi Drum Circles’ “Frequently Asked Questions” webpage available at:

Workshop Concept: All of us have likely at some time or another heard and enjoyed the beautiful chimes and bells from public clocks and churches.

Imagine, if you will, chimes and bells having in the background foundational hand-percussion rhythms and being embellished by participants improvising as the experience evolves.

How can this happen you may ask? Being a professional drum circle facilitator, Tom Alteen will seed with rhythms and will sculpt the sound (much like an orchestra conductor) to give the attendees a creative rhythm experience. Chimes and bells will resonate on cue over the background of foundational and improvised rhythms.

Workshop Outline: The first half hour of the session will include a brief warm-up and instrument “show and tell.”

Attendees will be provided with light percussion instruments including bells, woods, shakers, and boomwhackers. The session will bridge into the second half hour with the inclusion of various world hand drums including djembes, ashikos, doumbeks, bongos, and frame drums.

The rhythm event will conclude with a short cool-down.

Prerequisites: No previous hand-drumming experience is required. If you have a heart beat you can drum.

Who May Be Interested And Benefit?: Novice and professional drummers alike participate at drum circles.

Generally, drum circles are recognized as contributing to the individual's overall wellness.

Who May Attend?: This session is a family-friendly rhythm event. All are welcome however children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Dancers and spectators are also welcome.

Admission is free. Pre-registration is required.

Please contact MusicNL with any questions -

Date and Time


SUF/Victoria Hall

Twillingate, NL


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