Nanomedicines LIVE STREAM: Genesis 2016 Fringe Event!
Nanomedicines LIVE STREAM: Genesis 2016 Fringe Event!

Nanomedicines LIVE STREAM: Genesis 2016 Fringe Event!

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Join Precision NanoSystems for a LIVE STREAM of our  Nanomedicines: Advances in Materials, Manufacturing and Therapeutic Applications Symposium, November 29th taking place at Canada House in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. 

This Symposium will highlight recent advances in Nanomedicine R&D, from gene delivery and screening, to nanomedicine formulation and development for the clinic. There will be several great speakers from both academia and industry who will present on their novel research. 

This free event will bring current users of the NanoAssemblr technology together with those interested in learning more about using microfluidics to manufacture nanoparticles, for a day of platform presentations and hands-on demonstrations. Participants will have the opportunity to network with colleagues over coffee, lunch and a reception at the close of the day.

This event is aimed at anybody from academia or industry with an interest in nanomedicine development. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Ray Schiffelers - Utrecht University (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

"Facing the challenge of reproducble and scalable nanaoparticle production for RNA delivery - in B-SMART a H2020 consortium"

Dimitrious Lamprou - Kent University 

"Lipid Formulations: Microfluidics vs Traditional Methods"

Yvonne Perrie - Strathclyde University

Steve Hart - University College London

Michael Heuser - MH-Hannover

Dominik Witzigmann - University of Basel

“Targeted DNA Therapeutics - Challenges and Opportunities for Hepatic Diseases”

Carla Prata - Axolabs

Samir Cherkaoui - Bracco

Heinrich Haas - BioNTech

Kirsten Gräser - Roche 

"Nanoparticles: Application of the technology at Roche"

Jaroslav Turanek - FNUSA


Session 1 
9h00-9h15 James Taylor PNI
9h15 - 9h35 PeterHoogevest Lipoid
9h35-9h55 Yvonne Perrie Strathclyde
9h55-10h15 Michael Heuser MHH
10h15-10h30 Richard Broadhead PNI

10h30 - 10h55 BREAK

Session 2 
10h55 - 11h00 Welcome to Session 2
11h00-11h20 TBD
11h20-11h40 Dimtrios Lamprou Stratclyde/Kent
11h40-12h00 Samir Cherkaoui Bracco
12h00-12h10 Nadia Tagnaouti PNI

12h10-13h10 BREAK

Session 3 
13h10-13h15 Welcome to Session 3
13h15-13h45 Ray Schiffelers UMC Utrecht/H2020 B-SMART (Keynote)
13h45-14h05 Carla Prata AxoLabs
14h05-14h25 Steve Hart UCL
14h25- 14h30 Ana Paula Fernandes PNI

14h30 - 15h00 BREAK

Session 4 
15h00-15h05 Welcome to Session 4
15h05-15h25 Dominik Witzigmann U Basel
15h25-15h45 Heinrich Haas BioNTech
15h45-16h00 James Taylor PNI



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