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During this 3 hrs workshop you will learn how to make natural soap. We will make it in traditional way, by hand. Learn from an experienced soap maker, step by step, what is involved in the cold process of making natural soaps. We will create a recipe, discuss the benefits of all natural ingredients that we can use in soaps. Nature is a powerful fountain of well-being, therefore we are going to use quality plant oils, herbs, clay, essential oils, activated charcoal & minerals. You will learn some tips and craft secrets and obtain a lot of information if you plan to make soaps on your own. No previous experience in making soaps is required. I am passionate about protecting nature from further pollution and enjoying healthy lifestyle. By using natural soaps we make a little contribution to our mother earth and huge contribution to our own health. Learning a new skill is always good but if you can improve a quality of life, it becomes meaningful and unforgettable experience. Natural soap can be a great gift for health conscious people. You will leave this workshop with some ready to use soaps (fully cured), knowledge how to formulate your own soap recipes and ultimately how to make it.

Note: Due to many requests for this workshop out of regularly scheduled time, I offer the workshop at any time convenient for you if it is a group of 3 people or more*.

This workshop takes place in my own home, conveniently located in Midtown Toronto. Recommending to wear long sleeves, pants or longer skirt, preferable older clothing in case that you splash some oils on you. Inform me if you suffer from any allergy.

* Some notice required

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