NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past

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Isolating People is Wrong!Say NO to Bullying ANYONE about their past! Help/AcceptBE LOVE. NCYMH Mental Health Conferences 2020 2021 Canada

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10 BIPOC Youth will receive scholarships of $1000 each at Say NO to Bullying on April 21st. Find out WHO the youth is in your neighborhood?

New Dates added for YOU! May 6th on National Day of Prayer and June 15th Smile Power Day.

Let’s HEAL TOGETHER! 3 Hours of POSITIVE Antibullying! You are BIGGER!


@ncymhconferences & @bipoclgtbq2 for Say NO updates!

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@NCYMH_Ca & @nationalcollab2 for encouragement.


OVER 28,000 and 11 days to go!

Say NO to bullying ANYONE about their past! Get READY for an INSPIRING Event on April 21st!

The Stillman family lost her 13 year old daughter because of cyber-bullying. Say NO.

Say NO to bullying on social media and YES to kindness, forgiveness and HOPE!

NCYMH has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. NCYMH supports EVERYONE in reporting bullying. NCYMH will insure you have a Safe and Accepting Space where you can grow, succeed and heal. Rediscover you’re Hope! JOIN us to STOP Bullying today!


CHANGE UNHAPPY TO HAPPY: Bullying is often started and continued by someone or a group of people who are very unhappy and want to make others unhappy. They often dig, intrude and try to find out a person's weaknesses or vulnerabilities so they can use it to make fun of, ridicule, hurt, damage, isolate and ridicule them. The media does that, people try to bring you down so they can elevate themselves, get free publicity, belittle you, destroy you. We often wish we could make haters happy so they would stop bullying, but be CAREFUL and PROTECT yourself from their negativity!

BULLIES LIKE COMPANY & RECRUIT OTHERS: Delete, Unfollow, Unfriend anyone if they start ranting, raving, obsessing, or trying to get you to join their negativity or do unkind destructive things. Posting fake negative reviews of an organization you have never visited is bullying. DON'T DO IT! Your are so MUCH BETTER than this! . Its just not healthy. You deserve to be HEALTHY! Only POSITIVITY allowed!

BE GREAT: Kobe Bryant says, Haters don't hate the good ones, they hate the GREAT ones!

Its going to be a GREAT Event! NCYMH is a GREAT place because of the GREAT people and over 2 million students and families who use our services every year. We have state of the art, creative innovative programs and events that people LOVE thanks to all of you. Just go to to see our last event 0 BIPOC LGBTQ2 & ALLIES event from just 9 days ago!

At NCYMH, we stand up for the bullied, we terminate bullies and we PROTECT our Safe Spaces so ANYONE is accepted, and given opportunities to Heal, Love and Succeed.


WHY ANTI-BULLYING at NCYMH: NCYMH created “Say NO to Bullying ANYONE about their past” after a former team member was found guilty of repeatedly bullying a superior by emailing a 5 year old article of her family member to everyone she knew. NCYMH terminated her on January 28, 2021 and she and her mom are still bullying 6 weeks later! Our team is polite but we OUT THE BULLY whenever they rear their heads! And then we KEEP MOVING! Don't let bullies slow you down! Get on the HAPPY TRAIN!


NCYMH insures that no one is bullied and anyone who is bullied or/and bullying is given counseling. Anyone who continues bullying will be terminated and asked to leave. NCYMH’s zero tolerance for bullying ANYONE insures everyone has a VOICE and is SAFE! Register NOW for the event of a LIFETIME! REGISTER!

$2.00 Registration fee will go to the Opening of the NCYMH Safe Space in Ottawa on August 15, 2021! JOIN US in SAVING LIVES!

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image

		NCYMH Say No to Bullying Anyone because of their past image
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