Not your typical 2019 resolution advice on how to ROCK 2019!

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Dr. Kelly and Holly are going to lay out simple strategies that are going to help you REALLY have the best year in 2019!

So often we hear similar things - self care, exercise, meal us, these things are AWESOME! But what if you dug in a little deeper? What if you had things that really made a difference fundamentally, across the board that will leave you reflecting at the end of 2019 saying - "Yes! I grew as a human being, my life experience has improved, I can't wait to grow some more!".

Far too often we focus on "resolultions" that often fade within a month or two. We all have good intentions but until you really answer a few questions we will ask you, and implement a few easy strategies, you will likely end up waiting for the next year to be the "BEST YEAR YET!".

Please join us for an interactive, informative and casual conversation where we will get you to ask yourself some KEY QUESTIONS that will unlock your potential!

Head over to Uptown Chiropractic - Fredericton: and join us LIVE! Thursday January 19th from 8:30-9 - or whenever we wrap up.

Let's REALLY make 2019 special!

Can't wait!

-Dr. Kelly and Holly

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