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Woodlawn Regional Park

Rotary Hall

Estevan, SK S4A 2K9


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OM Yoga Festival will be a two day outdoor/indoor summer event designed to encourage connection, build community, discover and strengthen friendships, and deepen the practice of yoga.

Our mission is to create a space for yogis of all experience to begin or deepen their yoga and wellness practices. Join us in Rotary Park, surrounded by the beauty of nature, to learn and grow from inspirational teachers from across the prairies. Headlining instructors Colin Hall and Sarah Garden of Bodhi Tree Yoga Regina, Mud & Lotus from Red Deer, and many more!

Each participant will be given a customizable schedule with over 15 different choices of yoga practice, meditation, mala making (additional $), sound therapy and informative workshops. Rotary Park will also host the OMazing Market, which will be open to the public, hosting market wellness vendors and healers from across the prairies.

Enjoy vegan/vegetarian lunch both Saturday and Sunday, included with OM Yoga Festival ticket.

Early Bird pricing of $199 will be available until April 30th @ 12:00 MIDNIGHT. Tickets are non-refundable. This event will be held rain or shine. After the early bird deadline, tickets will be available for $229.

OM Yoga Studio would like to invite you to join us for the first annual OM Yoga Festival on July 20-21, 2019 at Rotary Park, located within Woodlawn Regional Park, 3 km South of Estevan, Saskatchewan on Hwy 47 South.

Camping available for tents & RV's at Woodlawn Regional Park. Woodlawn: 306.634.2324

Woodlawn Regional Park Map:

Hotel & Lodging at multiple locations in Estevan.

Lodging and shuttlng will be available from The Four Pillars. 2-night accomodation and meal packages start at $119. Please visit



7:00am - Registration

8:00am - Vibe With Your Asana - Kelsey Rydberg - This is a vinyasa practice straight from the heart. This practice will get you out of your head and into a sacred dance with your body. Move, breathe and find your vibe. This class is for all levels and for all people with two feet and a heart beat! 90 minute Yoga Class

8:00am - Parasympathetic Flow - Colin Hall - The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the relaxation response, which induces digestion, healing and basic physical maintenance that keeps us healthy. We are all familiar with the fast-paced, workout style of vinyasa yoga that makes you sweat, but what about a flowing class designed to relax and restore instead? This is a fresh take on vinyasa yoga that will leave you feeling peaceful and revitalized. 90 minute Yoga Class

9:45am - Happy Soles - Yoga for Your Feet - Sarah Garden - Your feet are your foundation. Healthy feet lay the groundwork for healthy knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders. This workshop will teach you how to improve the overall health of the foundation to help you have a stronger better grounded yoga practice, easier lighter gait and movement patterns for both walking and running, and pain free movement. Discover how working with your feet can improve the health and pain through the whole body. 2 hour Yoga Workshop Immersion

10:00am - Feel Your Yoga - Heidi Hesselink & Marissa Tisdale - Have you ever laid out your mat and wondered, "Now what?" Our personal yoga practice can sometimes turn into a checklist of poses to do or seem like a struggle to remember how to do yoga. This workshop is designed to help you feel your own yoga practice and to feel the connection to your inner wisdom that guides your practice. Life can be so busy and it can feel like we are constantly doing so much all the time. The practice of yoga is about feeling and being. In this workshop we will take time to ground, to listen to our intuition or inner wisdom, to connect with the wisdom of yogic philosophy, and to discuss the natural flow of an asana practice. Come listen, feel your yoga, and learn ways to enhance your practice both at home and at the studio. 90 minute Yoga Workshop

11:30am - OM nOM nOM - Lunch

1:00pm - Reconstruct Your Down Dog - Sarah Garden - One of the most commonly practiced and taught poses, downward dog is a great posture to move out of bad habits, build strength and stability in your shoulders, Length in your spine, create flexibility in your legs and strengthen and build the arches in your feet. Unfortunately most of the time we struggle with alignment and ease in this posture because a few key pieces are missing. Target the feet, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck to reconstruct your downward dog, creating greater ease, stability, and strength in this foundational yoga pose. 90 minute Yoga Class

1:00pm - Fearless Heart - Kim Mayuk - Join Kim Mayuk, at OM Yoga Festival for an all levels Vinyasa Flow class, Fearless Heart. This heat building practice will give you the chance to open your heart, and truly ask yourself what are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? What fears are holding you back? Learning what we can accomplish by choosing love over fear. LOVE is the answer. There will be an opportunity for reflection and journalling. 90 minute Yoga Class

3:00pm - Close Your Eyes & Watch Them Spin (2.5 hour immersion) - Colin Hall - Chakra Workshops have a reputation for being sentimental, new age, self help sessions. This one is different. Using music, movement, pop culture, meditation, journaling and irreverent humour, this workshop weaves together wisdom gleaned from centuries old hatha yoga manuals with my own observations about our subtle anatomy. Nadis, chakras, and grants are seen from the perspective of Snoop Digg, Darth Vader, and the Simpsons. Prepare to be entertained, enlightened (enlightenment?) and anything but bored. 2.5 Hour Yoga Immersion Workshop

3:00pm - Mala Workshop ($65) - Mud & Lotus - Breck Harris has the exerpeince of working with crystals and creating jewelry for many years.This creative mala making class will give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of gemstones to match your intentions. There will be many guru beads, spacers & sandalwood needs to personalize your mala for you! This workshop will start with an introduction and history of malas, setting your intentions and finishing with a smudging ceremony and meditation. ADDITIONAL COST OF $65 to attend this workshop - 2 hour Creative Workshop
Email and send your e-transfer to

7:30pm - GLOW Yoga Dance Party - Colin Hall - Combining yoga and dance is not new. As far back as early 1900's yogis in America have been blending traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga with rhythmic movement set to music. This yoga dance party will use a smooth, booming combination of hip hop, EDM, R&B, and reggae as a background for a fun, lively and energetic class focussing on joyous letting go and living in the moment. 60 minute Yoga Class

9:00pm - Full Moon Release Ceremony - Kelsey Rydberg - Meditation around the campfire.


8:00am - Gentle Sunrise Flow @ Boundary Beach - Kim Mayuk - Wake up and start your second day of OM Yoga Festival, beach front at Boundary Dam. We will take a few minutes to journal before our yoga practice. Reflecting on what brings out the best in you, and what makes your heart beat. This gentle all levels flow will get you moving with fluidity. Kim will get you inspired to rise to your highest potential and be motivated to do what makes you shine! 90 minute yoga class

8:00am - Yoga for Your Back - Sarah Garden - We are told that yoga is generally good for the back but not all backs are the same. This mini-workshop will use evidence based practices for spinal health, help you taylor your yoga practice to your specific back, and help dispel the many myths around back health. Move and bend with greater ease, unravel chronic tension and pain, and integrate breathing practices with your nervous system to make a happier healthier back for your lifetime. 2 hour yoga Workshop Immersion

10:30am - Meditation & Hike - Marissa Tisdale - Your Journey is Your Destination - Many of us have heard the quote, "Life is about enjoying the journey, not the destination". The real journey is finding balance, keeping the mind present, and letting go of expectations. To be balanced or present all the time, is not always easy or realistic. Life is constantly moving, shifting, and evolving around us and within us.Depression stems from the body living in our past, and anxiety from the mind living in the future. We practice meditation in order to bring the mind, body, and soul back to the "NOW". Our minds can't be still, if our bodies can't be still, so that is why we need to make the time to just "BE".When we learn to slow down - we learn how to let go. Letting go of control and making time to breathe helps to calm our nervous system. Our nervous system has two sides: the flight/fight (sympathetic) and rest/digest (parasympathetic). We need o ur flight/fight to survive, but we need to carve out the time to rest/digest and heal.Reducing stress decreases ailments, illness, disease, and brings us back into the present flow of life. You can't control how much stress is put on you, but you can set time aside to meditate. The only thing we can control is; keeping our conscious awareness of how we react to life, and continuing to journey back to harmony.This meditation and hike will be led by Marissa Tisdale RMT/RYT. Please bring a yoga mat, journal, pen, and water. We will be wandering through the Woodlawn Trails, so please where shoes or sandals (optional to go barefoot). No cell phones - please try to disconnect and unplug for this experience.Starting @ The Yoga Platform - Fresh Air Fitness - 90 minute Meditation

10:30am - Asana Remix - Colin Hall - Every posture has dozens of modifications and variations. These adaptations are so important to regular yoga practitioners because they help keep your practice feeling fresh, vibrant, creative and new even when you are doing the same postures every day for years. Asana Remix is fun and accessible class that opens yogis up to the world of possibilities that exist within each and every pose. 90 minute Yoga Class

12:00pm - OM nOM nOM - Lunch

1:30pm - Metta Flow - Ashley Hodgkin & Lacey Lloyd - We will be approaching vinyasa yoga as conscious, intentional movement, meditation in motion and a lesson in svadhya (self study.) This is a practice to help you deepen your physical intuition.You will learn simple Thai Massage and partner yoga techniques and how you can use them as valuable tools to help spread metta (loving kindness) through touch. The ultimate goal of this practice is for participants to come away with skills to offer kindness and healing, while cultivating a deeper awareness of their physical/energetic bodies. 90 minute Yoga Class

1:30pm - Breath & Bodhi - Sarah Garden - Embodied breathing practices 20-30 minutes of the importance of conscious embodied breathing. Begin by connecting the breath to whole body wellness by learning the importance of breathing for circulation, the nervous system and pelvic and core stability. Follow that up with calm easy flowing practices designed to connect your movement to the rhythm of the breath. Learn to use the breath to move through grounding and lifting, closing and opening, and contracting and expanding to help create more balance throughout the whole body. 90 minute Yoga Class

3:30pm - Sound Meditation - Mud & Lotus - Sound healing has the power to create, move & remove energy. It is based on the principle of 'sympathetic resonance' meaning the vibration & frequency of the sounds naturally bring everything in it surrounding to the same state of harmony. Bringing the physical body, mind & emotions into a state of stability, harmony & health.We'll be using a blend of crystal & tibetan bowls, along with drums, bells, a gong & more! 90 minute Meditation

5:00pm - Closing Ceremony - OMies

OMazing Market Vendors:

Denna’s Reflexology

Young Living

Purple Swallow Pottery


Mud & Lotus

Boho Hair Flare

Jinnine Carnduff

Christas Creations

Bodhi Tree Regina

Tiber River Naturals



Date and Time


Woodlawn Regional Park

Rotary Hall

Estevan, SK S4A 2K9


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