On How We Live Together

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On How We Live Together

We will start up a new season of Design with Dialogue in person, onsite at the long-standing temple of dialogue, OCAD's Lambert Lounge.

By Design with Dialogue

When and where

Date and time

Wed, May 17, 2023 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT


OCAD University 100 McCaul Street Room 187 Lambert Lounge Toronto, ON M5T 1W1 Canada

About this event

"We must first agree that we want to live together."

In 2016 Humberto Maturana spoke remotely to a large audience at RSD5, at the OCAD Auditorium. The essence of his talk is expressed well in the sketchnote actually - he was profound, but expressed simply. He died two years this month, and yet his words continue to haunt me years later. I wished to bring his appeal to our shared humaneness into the centre, for this return to DwD. As human beings with a shared space of co-existence in cities and social spaces, who are we becoming? We will explore his inquiry in the spirit of a Bohm dialogue, employing a design frame to encourage the expansion rather than the closure of our propositions. The seeds of inquiry explore how we can design a way to hold our structures, our collective cultures, and our individual autonomies together into a future that seems headed into perplexity, hazard, incredulity, and wonder-loss? Rather than hoping, how to do take design as agency to embrace this complexity?

About the organizer

Design with Dialogue is a community of practice for facilitating change and meaningful action through forms of human-centred dialogue in our organizations, communities, collaborative projects and as individuals. We learn and play together through participatory design, strategic dialogue, creative arts and emerging facilitation methods. DwD is hosted by Peter Jones (OCAD University, SFI professor) at OCAD locations.