On Power Systems PQ Seminar - Vancouver

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Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre

4331 Dominion Street

Burnaby, BC V5G 1C7


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This one-day training seminar covers all the essential concepts of Power Quality
analysis as well as the strategic thinking needed to establish a sound root-cause-
analysis approach to problems. The range of topics spans from key sine wave
markers all the way up to harmonics, transient analysis and monitoring.

Instructor: Pietro Manni, P.Eng.
PQ Logic Corporation

Lunch is Included

About the Instructor: Pietro Manni is the founder of PQ Logic Corporation, a PEO registered
engineering firm based in Toronto, Canada. Since 1996 he has devoted his
practice to the study of Power Quality. He has extensive experience in
innovative computer-based modelling techniques, needed to understand and
solve complex problems. His most recent projects include: Harvesting energy
from DC transit systems as an integral part of a Micro-Grid network and
mitigating the effect of utility capacitor switching transients on large industrial
variable frequency drives. With over 200 major projects under his supervision,
his firm has provided consulting services for clients in the industrial,
commercial, medical, government, military and nuclear areas worldwide.
Parallel to his consulting work, Mr. Manni conducts advanced engineering
training and delivers lectures in power systems to audiences and other
consultants all around the globe. Mr. Manni is a registered professional
engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Program Contents

Introduction to Power Quality

  • What is Power Quality

  • Structuring Concepts

  • Cause & Effect Analysis

  • Acute vs. Chronic Problems

  • Analytical Philosophy and Approach

Sine Waves: Voltage, Current & Power

  • Peak, Average & RMS Values

  • Crest Factors & Form Factors

  • Power Definitions and Calculations

Network Reactive Components

  • Inductors: Steady State Response

  • Inductors: Transient Response

  • Capacitors: Steady State Response

  • Capacitors: Transient Response

Wiring & Grounding Fundamentals

  • Definitions: Grounding & Bonding

  • Why Grounding & Bonding

  • The Neutral to Ground Bond

  • Single Point Grounding

  • Grounding & Sensitive Loads

  • Case Studies

Power Disturbances: RMS Variations

  • Classification of Power Disturbances

  • Standards & Guidelines

  • Electronic Equipment Voltage Tolerance

  • Typical Causes of Voltage Sags

  • Case Studies

Power Disturbances: Transient Activity

  • Definition & Classification of Transients

  • Capacitor Switching Transients

  • Load Sensitivity: VFD’s, Computers, etc..

  • Commutation Notches

  • The IEEE 519-2014 Limits

  • Case Studies

Introduction to Harmonics

  • Definition of Linear & Nonlinear Loads

  • Current Distortion Mechanism

  • Voltage Distortion Mechanism

  • Analysis of Distorted Waveforms

  • Harmonic Distortion Indexes

  • Harmonics & Resonance

  • Effects of Harmonics on Loads and Networks

  • The IEEE-519-2014 Standard

  • Harmonic Studies

Power Quality Surveys & Monitoring Basics

  • Organizing the Survey

  • Inspection of Equipment, Grounding & Wiring

  • Equipment Maintenance & Performance History

  • Selection & Setup of Monitoring Equipment

  • Thresholds and Monitoring by Exception

  • Event & Data Correlation

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Date and Time


Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre

4331 Dominion Street

Burnaby, BC V5G 1C7


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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