ONLINE Live Virtual Sahota “Agile” Culture & Leadership (CAL1)

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ONLINE Live Virtual "Agile" Culture & Leadership (CAL1)

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For a Limited Time, due to the current global crisis, and concerns around COVID-19 (the coronavirus) we are offering this course at a Discount of $1200 off for $497 USD

Promo Code: C19Discount


APRIL 6: 8:00AM-5:00PM EST & APRIL 7: 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

Must be available and logged in on LIVE Zoom call, both days.

This is a live interactive course. It is designed and set up just like an in-person training.

What to Expect:

  • Live polls (using PollEverywhere)
  • Small virtual room breakouts for discussion
  • Live drawings
  • Q&A

Technical Requirements:

  • An internet speed of at least 8 Mbps (up & down) (check your speed by Googling "speed test" and run the test)
  • A front-facing camera so that everyone in the class can see you. (Test this before the course.)
  • Audio with the ability to speak to and hear each other in the class (test this before the course)
  • Zoom meeting technology

Note: Attendees must be fully present and participating (on Zoom with video) during the entire training to receive CAL1 credential from the Scrum Alliance. I.e. no driving, no other meetings. We support this requirement to support an optimal training environment for participants.

If you need more flexibility, please see our “Agile” Culture & Leadership online training.

Michael Sahota's "Agile" Culture & Leadership (CAL1)

How may we foster an Agile mindset to create a nimble flexible organization powered by engaged, innovative people? The focus of CAL1 is cultural, with an outlook towards Being Agile. We look at topics such as leadership, organizational structure, culture, and organizational growth. Our focus is long-term sustainable growth from a holistic and integrated perspective.

Overcome Top 90% of Organizational Challenges With Agile. Michael Sahota Will Help You Excel In Your Career By Teaching You How To:

Use the Playbook for high performance organizations

See causes of resistance and mitigate them

Overcome key Agile challenges

Develop leadership behaviours necessary to influence organizational culture

Work more effectively as a manager and with managers

Evolve culture at all levels of the organization

Have key conversations to clarify what is desired

Enhance your own leadership skills

Breakthrough Your Agile Leadership Roadblocks With Michael Sahota

This is not for you if you are looking for another tool or tactic that will get you marginal growth in your organization.

This is for you if you want a breakthrough experience that turns you into the leader you want to be.

You will be equipped with the right frameworks and mindset to go back into your organization and create real efficiency.

This CAL is Advanced education for leaders, executives and change agents creating Agile environments.

Here's What Leaders are Saying

"The best leadership and growth activity, I've done in 25 years!" - A. Heath, Delivery Manager

" Take the course if you wish to lead. It's like no other." - K. Wilson, Agile Coach

"Prepare to have your mind blown. Unlike anything you've experienced before. Get out of the matrix!" - K. Ali, Agile Development Manager

Click here to see the full description of the course.


Michael is a leading trainer for the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Program through the Scrum Alliance. He has taught over 2000 graduates worldwide.

His classes are controversial and unique. This is what allows his students to flourish. He shows them what the missing pieces are to common organizational challenges. You can go back to your organization and implement right away.

He's been in the Agile world for 20 years and is the expert in helping leaders bridge the gap between Agile and organizational reality.


Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL 1) designation from Scrum Alliance®.

16 PDUs | 16 SEUs

2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®

1 Free Book

Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI


Q: What is the difference between SAFe and CAL1?

A: On the surface, the goals of SAFe and CAL1 are similar: An Agile Organization.

SAFe has an excellent focus on Tactical elements of Agile such as the process, roles, multi-team releases. It is a wonderful way to adopt Agile practices in a large organization. One might say the focus is on Doing Agile. The focus here is on what may we do to improve things with as little organizational change as possible.

The focus of my CAL1 is cultural with an outlook towards Being Agile. How may we foster and Agile mindset to create a nimble flexible organization powered by engaged, innovative people? For this we look at topics such as leadership, org structure, culture, and organizational growth. The focus here is long-term sustainable growth from a holistic integrated perspective.

Q: What is the requirement for CAL1 certification?

A: Attending the full class is sufficient. There is no exam.

Q: Do all CAL1 trainings cover the same content?

A: Yes and No. All CAL1 trainings cover the same set of high-level learning objectives. But, each training is as unique as the instructor. Each CAL1 reflects the unique leadership and organizational development journey of the instructor.

Q: What are the pre-requisites before CAL1?

A: You are expected to have basic knowledge of Agile. This may have come to you through industry experience, reading, meetups or formal training. This course is designed for anyone seeking to foster a more “agile” high-performance organization. It is accessible and essential for leaders in innovation, lean, human resources, etc. – not just Agile.

Participants are expected to complete 2 hours of videos and readings in advance of the training. Then there is more time to focus on discussion and exploration. The reading guide will be shared with participants after registration.

Click here to see the full description of the course.

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