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Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, Jack Poole Hall

6163 University Boulevard

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


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Discover how math can be fun and interactive!

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Does your child complain about school math being boring and too easy? Do they think math is useless in the real world and all they need is the calculator? Sign them up for the PACE Math Pilots Club (Grade 2-5) or PACE Math Challenge Club (Grade 5-9)so they can discover how math can be fun and interactive! Come to the Orientation test to be blown away by what creative problem-solving looks like and to be challenged to think outside the box.

PACE Math Clubs will inspire students to be curious and interested in math through its carefully selected curriculum and activities. It also strives to instill a positive learning attitude and a sense of responsibility and community in its members. Get excited to learn math in a way that you don’t often experience at school! Challenge yourself with our Math Clubs!

PACE Math Clubs will be led by Lisa Yang, founder of the NRP Math Challenge Club, whose students have won the Grade 8 Math Challengers Provincial Champions 3 years in a row and many more Canadian math contests awards.

Orientation Test

Date: May. 12th, 2019 Sunday

Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Location: Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, Jack Poole Hall

6163 University Blvd, Vancouver, UBC

Tentative schedule for Orientation:

10:00 am - 10:40 am Introduction and presentation where both parents and students can have a better understanding of what the math clubs are like and what our PACE philosophy is.

10:45 am - 11:30 am Orientation test

11:35 am - 12: 20 pm Trial Class (Team Challenge): Students will be divided into groups to participate in one of our club's most popular activities - the team challenge. This activity is a high energy, interactive and exciting activity where the students have to work together to solve math questions.

Club Meeting Times starting September 2019 to December 2019

Math Pilots Club : 4 pm - 6 pm on Tuesdays

Math Challenge Club: Mondays (tentative, subject to change)

Location: 2733 W 41st Ave.Vancouver, BC, V6N3C5

Fee: $1100 (subject to change, due to the total number of classes)

Final prices, dates, and times will be announced on Orientation day.

Contact Information

Email: findmypace@gmail.com


1. Why do my kids have to take an assessment test?

Since space is limited, the PACE Math Clubs will only accept 30-36 students per club. Only students who pass the assessment test will be allowed to register for the club.

2. My child is not in the range of grades for the club, can they still register for the assessment test?

We prioritize skill and readiness over age. If your child is younger than Grade 5 and they are ready to take on the challenge, you can try the Math Challenge Test. If your child is younger than Grade 2 but already has a good understanding of multiplication and division, they are welcome to sign up for our Math Pilots test.

If your child is older than Grade 9, they are welcome to try out the assessment test and trial class to get a clearer understanding of their real math ability, and to see math that is quite different from what they normally see at school. However, we cannot guarantee your entry to the club in September if you are older than Grade 9.

If you are not sure whether your child’s skills are up to par, they can still try the assessment test to experience math that is different from what they normally see at school.

3. My child is in Grade 5 in September, which club should I register for?

If your child is in Grade 5, they have the option to take the Math Pilots test or the Math Challenge test. If your Grade 5 child is doing math two or more grade levels above their current grade level, they are welcome to try the Math Challenge Club test.

4. How can my child prepare for the assessment?

There is no need to prepare for the assessment. They will be tested on what they already know and how willing they are to think.

5. If my child misses this assessment test, will he have another chance to take it again?

Unfortunately, the assessment test is only once a year during May. If your child misses this one, they will need to wait till next May.

6. If my child doesn’t pass the assessment test, does it mean they can never be in the club?

Your child can always try again next year.

Thank you!

PACE Learning Community

孩子们总是抱怨学校的数学太简单,很无聊? 他们认为数学在现实生活中很没用,一个计算器就能搞定?那就快注册参加PACE数学俱乐部的招生说明会和评估测试。你的孩子将被真正的数学所震撼,他们也会更好的理解数学与现实世界的联系!

PACE数学挑战俱乐部将由NRP小学挑战俱乐部的创始人Lisa Yang主导教学和管理,她所创办并组织的数学挑战俱乐部已经连续3年赢得BC省数学竞赛冠军,以及多项加拿大数学竞赛荣誉。PACE数学俱乐部将通过精心设计的课程和富有趣味的数学挑战活动最大化激发学生们对数学的好奇心,启发他们的兴趣,建立良好的数学思维。PACE数学俱乐部的学生们还将学会积极的学习态度,建立协同合作的团队能力。


日期:2019年5月12日 星期日

时间: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

地点: Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, Jack Poole Hall

6163 University Blvd, Vancouver, UBC







Math Pilos Club(Gr2-5) : 每周二下午4点到6点 (从9月10日起 至12月10日)

Math Challenge Club(Gr5-9) : 暂定周一4点到6点(从9月9日起 至12月9日)


2733 W 41st Ave.Vancouver, BC, V6N3C5


Math Pilots Club:$1100(含税)

Math Challenge Club:$1100(含税)








•我们的位置非常有限,数学俱乐部仅接受30-36 名通过测试的学生。评估测试将确保每一位入选的成员具备相应的数学知识和能力。



•如果您的孩子今年9月将进入5年级,并且在数学能力上超过同龄水平,您可以选择让孩子尝试挑战5-9年级的数学挑战俱乐部(Math Challenge Club)。请在说明会当天签到时提出请求。

如果您的孩子低于2年级,但是已经掌握了基础的乘除法,并且愿意接受挑战,我们欢迎您为孩子注册并鼓励Ta参与评估测试。(仅可选择Gr. 2-5 Math Pilots Club)











PACE Learning Community

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Date and Time


Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, Jack Poole Hall

6163 University Boulevard

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


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