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Friday, March 23 at 2:00 pm EST

RED PHONE LIVE - Artistic Challenges in a New Era

With Andrew Lamb - Hosted by PACT's Artistic Practice Committee

What is the Red Phone?

At the PACT conference of 2012 some people sat around a table simply called Heart. We talked about isolation and about how we don't really know each other or each other's work. We talked about how we need to connect better and more frequently if we're going to support each other. At that time, then PACT President Eric Coates made a half-joking remark that was actually incredibly apt - he talked about "the red phone"; a hotline for when we need it most. Since its first year in 2013 the Red Phone has connected 225 individuals for over 319 calls.

Nowadays the Red Phone is open to anyone at a PACT member theatre interested in having an artistic conversation. In short, it will offer an opportunity to connect.

New in 2018 - Red Phone Live

In addition to the one-on-one Red Phone calls we're trying something new this year! We're hosting Red Phone Live, a live digital version of Red Phone for small groups. Each call will be hosted by a different member of the PACT community who will start the call with a question or idea that connects to your artistic practice.

Artistic Challenges in a New Era

What recent artistic challenges have you overcome and how? What is a recent artistic challenge you're still struggling with, and can anyone on the call help or advise? What artistic challenges are on the horizon and what are creative and artistic ways of addressing these?

Red Phone Live will take place on our web-based connection platform of Adobe Connect. To best participate we recommend that participants access the call via a web-cam. However participants dialing in on their phone are also welcome. Instructions along with a link to our Adobe Connect Virtual Artistic Practice room will be sent to you prior to the call in.

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