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Creativity Catalyst Change - NORMA DE SAINT PICMAN Celebration Live painting Class for All - Friday 24 April 1-3pm CET

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All Masterclasses happen in the CET - Central eastern Timezone

Please feel free to join our group for awakening women : and meet more "Paradigm Shifters"


The Growth and Global Mindset - HELENIQ ARGYROU Friday 27 Friday 27 March 1-3pm CET

Self care and Patient Education - DR ANBREEN SLAMA CHAUDRY Monday 30 March 1-2pm CET

Burnout to Self Care for Caregivers - DR ANBREEN SLAMA CHAUDRY Monday 30 March 2-3pm CET

EQ for Crisis Management - DR RUBY BAKSHI KHURDI AND SAMIA QAMAR Wednesday 1 April 1-3pm CET

Communication strategies for remote leadership - IRENE COMPTE LOBERA Friday 3 April 1-2pm CET

Life Work Balance Homeschooling - NIRA SATGURU Friday 3 April 2-3pm CET

Virtual Online Co -Working - NIMISHA BHARDWAJ and IRENE MURIUKI Monday 6 April 1-3pm CET

HR Management Essentials - VIOLA EDWARD AND SAMIA QAMAR Wednesday 8 April 1-3pm CET

Conscious Money and Insurance Issues - BLANCA VERGARA Friday 10 April 1-2pm CET

Transformational Leadership - REGINA HUBER Friday 10 April 2-3pm CET

Managing Productivity and Achievement - DR SOFIA BELOKA Monday 13 April 1-2pm CET

Entrepreneurship and Neo Entreprenuers- INGUN BOL Monday 13 April 2-3pm CET

The Psychology of Business in Epic Times - HELENIQ ARGYROU Wednesday 15 April 1-3pm CET

The Call for Epic Global Female leaders - HELENIQ ARGYROU Wednesday 15 April 1-3pm CET

Sustainability Thinking - DR HAIDI BADAWI and MONIQUE CUSTERS Friday 17 April 1-2pm CET

Masterclass Saturday Seminar, 25 April, 1-4pm

The Women of Truth Inner Circle Capacity Building Formula for Critical Times

In challenging times, instead of panic, fear and worry … hasty decisions or uncertainty overwhelming your days, learn to increase four specific areas inside your inner core. To build capacity for these epic times.

Many are offering guidance and support right now. What you really need though - so you're not being misled by people who have no business guiding you through crisis because they have no capacity themselves - is solid support and expert guidance. A little science wouldn't hurt either. Even though there is no map for times like these, there have been many adversities in the world, and science yes, does have some answers on what it takes to. The ancient world and great thought leaders throughout history have some pretty valuable exemplary change ideas too. So does experienced change management expertise, and a mind and heart with a finger on the pulse of what women need now and who they will listen to.

- Imagine feeling fearless in times of uncertainty, creating a deep calm and inner strength for all that arrives

- What about knowing EXACTLY what decisions are best for your business right now...

- Feeling confident in those decisions and showing up like a pillar of strength for your family, community and industry…

- Imagine knowing where to pivot your business so you tap into the markets that are doing great and will grow now and knowing exactly what you need to do to keep money flowing (because it’s a myth that people aren’t buying things right now).

- Imagine you rising up and others start to notice your innovation, your calm and containing leadership in changing times.

-Imagine elevating now into new level of epic leadership that forces you to become all you promised yourself you would be, before you were born ..

- Discover your own unique code to the capacity needed to navigate change now, well beyond what most call 'heartbased
leadership' and into hearthead coherence and the 9 Styles of Exceptional Female Leadership

That’s what’s possible when you build capacity, only the first step of the four- to five step WOMEN OF TRUTH formula and the rest

follows, publicity, real co coreation with your cummunity and life itself and something way beyond resilience, a growth to global

mindset in you .... dancing at the frothy edge of evolution.


You Trainer /Facilitator and Host of Paradigm Shifter Heleniq Argyrou

"What the world needs most is Feminine Wisdom" Heleniq Argyrou

Clinical Psychologist, Peak Performance expert and Speaker Leader Changemaker Peak Performance Trainer Coach, Curator for Women of Truth Inner Circle. Exceptional women of excellence award winner, WEF Millions 2022 Global Ambassadress, Local Cyprus Wave of Change ambassadress, HerStory co ordinator and Fem.D speaker recruiter.
Heleniq has innovated various awarded projects and most known for here original style and multideminsional creative approach, drum therapy and spiritual teaching. Recently she has elevated the visibility of over 150 women in international WOMEN OF TRUTH conferences and interviewed over 80 for her research to do so and deeply understand needs of high achieving women and those they can inspire.
"I created what I could never find, a inner circle with training and publicity elements....
One that cut out the run around to reputable networks and opportunities that help leverage international exposure plus provides clarity about game changing leadership level, testing the market value of your offer/ services and ideas worth sharing...To grow not just business or capital, but publicity, reputation and opportunities worldwide. A containing sisterhood of experienced women who do more than make money and have the courage to grow. Women that can help birth, and or teach, train and nurture people that have a personality for the future, ones that can withstand great storms and still do the work, inside out and UP, to shift world paradigms."

Standby for the WOMEN OF TRUTH INNER CIRCLE launch

- Details here :

Paradigm Shifter Toolkit Summit

- A series of special offers to take your work online, expand your reach or refine your lead generation.

'Sustainability by Superwomen Summit'

- Representatives, scientists and experts in the SDG goals and focus for the future. In collaboraton with and the exceptional women of excellence awarded female leaders by Womens Economic Forum.

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