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Welcome to the second class of " The Urban Defender"

by Jagger Gordon.

As a Trained hand to hand and tactical specialist, I will be hosting a unique event that allows you to be in the line fire and gives you the tools to be under unique scenarios. First use of Close Protection Weapons including the Basic and Advanced Offensive and Counter-Offensive Close Quarters Contact/Protection skills to effectively stop and repel a close-range assault by attackers armed with a Firearm, Edged, Impact or Improvised Weapon, or Empty-Hands attack and more…

This Will be taught in a controlled indoor battle field. My fellow team and myself will bring you to new levels of confidence and awareness to your surroundings. I will arm you, not only with the mindset of urban survivalist but give you the confidence on how to eliminate the opposing terror. This one day seminar will have a class room opening followed with lunch catered by my catering team! Then I will bring you into the playing field of several attack and defend scenarios. This program is suited for people that want to enlighten the inner courage and give you the ability on Learning how to operate semi-automatic weapons and urban tactical warfare. It will be a safe fun day of bringing yourself to a new level of confidence..

Following classes will be in precision and stunt driving. How to avoid being in a position of threat or similar situations.This course provides individuals with instruction in various specialized tactical operational techniques designed for use in crisis, life endangering emergency situations which often involve armed confrontation. The course will cover multiple types and appropriate application of weapons including empty hands, edged weapons and firearms. This program is for citizens that want to provide protection to themselves and their surroundings. Knowledge and confidence in your future travers.

Course Objective:

To prepare individuals to evaluate, react to and control emergency situations of a critical or

unusual nature.

To develop self-reliance, self-confidence, and awareness of ones physical limitations and

provide tools and options to solve use of force problems.

To develop practical skills for use in high risk situations with emphasis on different types of


To develop familiarity and proficiency with firearms and non-lethal methods of control.

Course Content:

Physical Training (Individual Student Evaluation)

Individual and Team Equipment

Individual and Team Movement

Tactical Firearms Training

Responses to High Risk Situations

1) Empty hand to hand combat

2) Edged weapons

3) Firearms

4) Other options


5) Precision Driving Techniques

6) Stunt Driving

Please be aware that all vehicles are supplied and the driving exercise is an additional $200 per hr.

Building Entry, Movement, and Search Techniques

Critical Problem Exercise

Percision driving techniques

~~$380~~ full day with meals

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pin Show Map CQB Tactical Paintball & Training Academy 128 Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2B7 About


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