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This event came to life when two friends began exchanging stories - one an ex-corrections officer and one the ex-wife of a corrections officer. We want to share our stories with others, connect with other first responders and equip ourselves and love ones with tools, strategies and resources to release the stigma of mental health. The evening is open to all first responders (Police, Fire, EMS, Correction Officers, Dispatch, Nurses, Doctors, Border Patrol, Dispatchers, Peace Officers, Military, Chaplins and Public Safety Teams)- their spouses and family members that wish to have some more information.

There is so much negative attention attached to trauma wounds. If you break your leg you see a doctor, follow through with a treatment plan and do what you can to ensure you get back your physical health. Unfortunatley we don't do the same thing with the breaks, wounds and cut that we are not able to see. This event will take you through stories of resilence, the prespective of a spouse, offer resources and information - and with any luck have you leaving with a different perspective of what mental health and trauma are - and what you can do to check in with yourself and your loves ones!

Light snacks will be served. $5 from each ticket will be donated to Mental Health for First Responders and their families!

Come listen - connect - and learn. We need to release the stigma - because our heros are suffering, their friends and family are struggling and it is preventable!

The event will consist of Lauren Hope-Cleveland, Adele Desjardins-Lepine, Legacy Place (Diana) and Project all in (Gregg and Chad).

Lauren Hope-Cleveland has a passion for helping First Responders and their spouses navitgate this unique life, understanding stress, work on self care, ensure couples and families are equipped with the information they need to ensure that they are mentallly/physically/emotionally prepared to face the duties that they are required to attend, and recognizing when and/or if intervention is required to ensure the health of the family unit and the individual affected by trauma. Lauren has been through this as the first responder who suffered some significant trauma as a result of the career she chose when she was 22 years old. And now her husband is a Police Officer, so she has been on both sides - using her experiences and journey to help others through process, recognizing the signs and educating through story what she endured. It took years to admit to having a stress/emotional injury as she never wanted to be seen as weak, unable to do her job, or be the person that others were weary of working with. Lauren knows that story telling, connecting and relating has huge healing power to both the story teller and the recipients.

Adele Desjardins-Lepine is a Relationship and Co-Parenting Coach who specializes in divorced or separated families to help them successfully co-parent. She is a former spouse of a corrections officer who understands the importance of having resources and access without shame. She is passionate about the well being of others. She believes when we trust the process that is where the magic happens.

Adele has lived in Drumheller 21 years and seen the effects first hand when first responders don't take care of their mental health. It impacts their families and relationships. She has dreamed for many years about an evening of connection like this. Together with communication, resources and vulnerability we will make a difference.

Legacy Place - Our Story

The unique challenges of the Peace Officer, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatch and Military Professions is why Legacy Place Society exists. To build family resiliency and legacies of hope and optimism despite these challenges.869
The Charity does not replace any of the typical Employee Assistance Programs and is not a duplication of existing charities.
Our work is done while acting as a bridge between the professional lives and their families in collaboration with the Services and other standing Charities specific to each individual Service.
Our core values include Family, Empathy, Diversity, Inclusivity, Confidentiality, Collaboration and Integrity.
Our objectives are about providing relevant and practical resources to help in early interventions, introduce resiliency possibilities and leave lasting legacies with the individual and family that is currently serving or retired.
• accommodations support where possible during times of medical or personal crisis
• peer to peer conversation support volunteers in the areas of marriage, parenting, grief, spiritual wellness, addiction recovery, single parenting, special needs children, PTSD recovery to name a few
• family camp support that creates cost effective opportunities and provide family time together
• family resiliency workshops – occasionally partnered with other like organizations to provide a variety of topics that include mental health readiness, parenting, special needs and marriage to name a few
• benevolence and legacy tribute – opportunities to provide a service person additional support thru their peers during times of medical or family loss situations and or in creating a Legacy of Life Tribute
• humanitarian mission trips – typically an annual or semi -annual house building initiative that is a self funded mission trip to build houses/playgrounds/disaster relief and/or participate in local community situations
• education bursaries – in situations where designated funding becomes available, opportunities to receive an education bursary may be possible
• web based go to resource with articles and links to support overall family wellness that includes resources specific to the Peace Officer, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Services and Military Personnel
Financial support to the Charity will be accepted in various ways with official tax receipting.

-Project “All In” -
Designed to help start tough conversations surrounding Mental Wellness for people in First Responder roles and those whose job may be a little more behind the scenes. ie; Nurses, Dr’s, Therapist, Emergency Dispatchers etc. -

Project All In launches December 19th to the first Fire Department. But we are “all in” this fight together.
Open to Police, EMS, Dr’s of all titles, Nurses, Therapists, Lifeguards, Border Patrol, Corrections Officers, Emergency Dispatchers, Task Forces, Military, Peace Officers, Bylaw Officers, Mountain Rescue, SAR, Chaplin’s, Coast Guard, Coroners, and Public Safety teams.


Lauren & Adele

 Lauren is the mom of 2 little guys that she is dedicated to raising into men of character. Lauren is an ex-corrections officer, multi-business owner, the wife of a police officer and cancer survivior - which offers an array of fun, experience and love to the weekend. Lauren is a life coach, a Achievement Club leader, a time management lover, and a trauma and stress expert who loves working with First Responders and their families. Lauren is currently on tour with Power of Success - Erin Skye Kelly, Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins as the Event Production Manager. 

Adele is a relationship and co-parenting coach, best selling author, speaker, and certified practitioner of positive psychology who is passionate about the wellbeing of others. Adele has weathered many adversities in her life, but from those lessons grew to be the amazing, resilient person she is today. Adele is a child of divorce and a divorcee herself. She and her ex-husband have learned how to be great co-parents through patience, empathy and learning to lift the other partner even if they are not willing to reciprocate. She is able to achieve this though new communication, acknowledgment and what is in the best interest of the child. In her coaching she is able to shed light on delicate subjects helping you flourish and grow.

PERSPECTIVE - Connection and Resources for First Responders at Drumheller

TBA, Drumheller, AB, Canada