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Socialize with others (via Online) about any *topic of interest: philosophy, literature, family, culture, personal stories, and experiences.

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Grab your tea or coffee, click on the link, and have a new conversation with your world-neighbours! :)

Time: Every 2nd Sunday @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PST)

*Note on Topics: Be promotes social well-being:)

Only those topics respecting common decency and respect will be permitted (no vulgarity, profanity, violence, hate, etc). The purpose of the Philosophy & Social Cafe is to enhance social experiences through an online portal.

Age restriction: Over 18+ only.

NOTE: Only REAL-NAMES will be accepted to participate.

Feel free to invite others to register whom you think would benefit from engaging.

NB: Tickets are non-refundable withing 48 hours of event


Philosophy & Social Cafe (Sundays 3-5pm, PST):

Note: all topics are subject to copyright.

🌸 May 2021

o9, Mothers: How important is our relationship to our Mothers? Are public depictions accurate?

23, Parenting: Do we end up just like our parents, and rear our kin similarly? Are there lessons to be learned about the way we were reared? What is the role of the Father versus the Mother?

June 2021

06, Colonial Effects, Grief, & Reconciliation: In light of the recent discovery of the tremendous loss of life of our Indigenous children at the former Kamloops residential school, which was run under the Catholic church & Canadian federal government, this PSC is dedicated to the importance of dialogue around the impact this has made and will continue to have as we move through the news of this monstrosity. How do we grieve a tragedy of such magnitude? How do we move through this time together? How do we shape our future? How do we teach our children what we are?

20, Gender: Is gender understood? Is gender innate, or socially-constructed? Why does there seem to be so much anger and push-back? Are gender-categories practical? How does gender-identity lend to inclusion in society? How does gender-identity play a role in self-regard, self-image, and self-confidence? Does it matter whether others know what our gender is?

July 2021

04, Moral Duty vs Individual Desires: What are the pitfalls of being a virtuous person? Isn't being out for one's own best interest simply responding to innate impulses to fulfill individual inclinations? What is the survivability of one who is virtuous vs one who looks out for #1? Are these dichotomous states with different fulfillment and outcome?

NOTE: in light of continued findings of unmarked graves, this time at the former Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan, and St. Eugene's Mision School in Cranbrook, we are adding to today's topic the following:

Cultivating Kindness & Empathy: How do competing forces impede us from doing the right thing? When we know we can do better, live more compassionately, and feel more alive by connecting with others, what is stopping us -- and how do we turn that around?

18, Loneliness: How is it possible that a world with billions of people can cultivate people who experience loneliness? What are the hazards of being lonely? Of admitting loneliness? How do people 'break-free' of the vicious cycle of not having meaningful relationships? Is it truly possible to be happy with others, or is loneliness an inevitable existential matter?


August 2021 🌸

🌴recess 🌴


September 2021

12, Education: Does quality matter? How do we define quality? Is it possible for good education to be available to all? What would setting checks and balances within academia look like? Who's ultimately accountable?

26, Vulnerability: Foo Foo? Or food for thought? Should we take a closer look at the benefits of being vulnerable? Is there power in vulnerability? Is being scared to be vulnerable an innate response, or socially constructed? How would we create a space for vulnerability?

October 2021

10, Racism: Are Canadians racist? Does race even exist? Is there importance in grouping people? What are the legal, educational, social, economical, and medical reasons for upholding racial categories? Is being racist innate, or socially-constructed?

24, Halloween Costumes & Dress Codes: In the educational setting, or in business culture... What are the expectations? Are they reasonable? What ought they to be, and what ought they be based in?

November 2021

07, Allyship: What does it mean to be an ally? Is it safe to be an ally? What are the consequences of being an active bystander? When is it okay to intervene? Are we accountable to our fellow beings to be an ally, or is it a moral preference?

21, Singlehood: Are single people actually happier than coupled partners? Is all the talk about singles being lonely and unhealthy just stereotypes? What are the pros and cons of singlehood? Is singlehood and celibacy okay in our society? Should a more active (and traditional) role be taken in helping singles meet? What is your experience, and perspective?

⛄ December 2021

05, Knowledge vs Experience: Is it possible to really know anything truly? Does experience count as knowledge? How does experience weigh in on knowledge? Would experience trump knowledge or the other way around? How do biases and preferences fit in to experience and/or knowledge?

19, Christmas: What is the meaning of Christmas? Do we have an accurate idea? Is it more than a religious holiday? Are the true beginnings set in a history that is shrouded by popular culture? What does Christmas mean to you? Is it an ordinary holiday, or more significant?

All topics are subject to copyright.


NOTE: Only REAL-NAMES will be admitted to participate.

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Organizer Valerie Malla, Life Coach

Organizer of Philosophy & Social Cafe (Online)

Valerie Malla is at Simon Fraser University in the departments of philosophy and psychology. She has worked mainly in the legal field, but today contributes part of her time as a Life Coach, and is part-time Host of the CJSF 90.1FM radio show, Let's Get Serious, which airs randomly on Mondays @ 10:AM, email:

She enjoys engaging with her community in many respects in order to promote social harmony. Her projects include the annual Mother's Day Remembrance event held on Mother's Day for those who have lost their mother or are otherwise estranged. She is also founder of Philosophers' Stone Café, which seeks to provide philosophy-based instruction to marginalized populations. 

Valerie previously trained as a broadcast journalist and received a national award from CBC in the category of Best Radio Documentary

She has long enjoyed singing, writing, and generally being creative, and describes herself to be, "As objective as possible. I believe that suspending one's judgement, as much as it is possible, is imperative in bringing one closer to the truth. And, we need a sense of truth for stability and assurance in our lives." Participating in philosophy & psychology focused dialogue as moderator of The Dialogue is one of her favourite pastimes.  The Dialogue is a free community engagement session on different topics throughout the year:  Schedules may be viewed on Eventbrite.

She may be contacted at:

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