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PLAYBuilder Tips and Tricks for Admin Users

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PLAYBuilder Tips and Tricks for Admin Users

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Your organization has has granted you Admin User access to PLAYBuilder. Join us to discuss tips and tricks on how to use more ADVANCED functions of PLAYBuilder.

If you are granted administrative access, then likely some of these items may apply to you:

  1. Excited to learn a new software program
  2. Have a broad understanding of PLAYBuilder
  3. You know the ins and outs of your program
  4. Tasked to create content

Find out more here:

Once you attend this PLAYBuilder discussion you will:

  • Learn about a brand new feature User Notifications
  • Learn about Dynamic Profiles
  • Learn about Reporting Analytics
  • Have the confidence to plan the roll out of PLAYBuilder to your users

In health,

Billie Tes, Coordinator of Digital Services, Sport for Life


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