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Vancouver, BC


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"If you're thinking about working with Will Blunderfield, I recommend it. I'm Sasha Daygame, the founder of Infinte Man Summit, and he's come to our events to teach Naked Men's Yoga & Sexual Kung Fu. Everybody loves him! He brings a great energy, he's really passionate about what he does, and I love the guy and so should you! Have fun with him!"

NOTE: You can pay 30 bucks to do both classes, the SOLO work: sexual kung fu at 10:30am and this yoga at noon, by e-transferring me at willblunderfield@gmail.com or bringing cash! or $20 for one class. ***email me for location.

Tej Randhir (Will Blunderfield) is a yogi, podcast host, musician, seeker, and dedicated champion of the LGBTQIA+ community. Blunderfield currently has three award-winning albums out globally, Hallelujah, Wild Horses & Aquarian Sadhana 432Hz, and is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Yoga teacher. He recently taught sexual kung fu and naked yoga to 50 straight guys at Sasha Daygame's Infinite Man Summit in Hollywood to rave reviews! (see below). He lives in Vancouver. www.linktr.ee/wblunderfield

PARTNER SEXUAL KUNG FU: PARTNER WORK from 12-1:15 is a workshop based on self-cultivation techniques from China & Indian yogic lineages, with the weaving in of other empowering sexuality embodiment practices. The workshop takes place in a tranquil, safe, serene setting. This workshop is for men of all sexual orientations who desire to celebrate pleasure, increase their sexual knowledge and skills, honour their bodies, and bathe in the sacredness of brotherhood. We teach you to give and receive touch in a more connected way. This will be a transformative experience. You will learn different ways to give pleasure to yourself and others. Come with a partner or come solo and work with your brothers here. Age range is 21-65 on average, all abilities, ages and levels welcome.

During this class you will learn to::

Overcome negative body image

Release pleasure anxiety and sexual guilt

Experience the healing of sacred brotherhood

Enhance your orgasms and pleasure

Celebrate your body

During this class we will explore:

Body presence practices

Partner bonding / cultivation practices

Male anatomy

How to use breath, sound, and movement to increase sexual pleasure

Will’s “Rock Around The Cock” masturbation technique

Erotic recess

Non-sexual group massage

The "Big Draw" - learning how to separate orgasm from ejaculation / experience full body orgasms

This is a men’s only workshop that is done in the nude, and is limited to 12 men.

“I just tried the sexual techniques Will taught at Infinite Man Summit. (Self massage and How to hold your semen with using breathwork).
My mind was blown how my body reacted to it! And I feel 10 times more masculine and suuuuper relaxed right now. Every man needs to get private mentoring from Will!” - Stefan Iverson

“My partner and I attended a Sexual Kung Fu and Tantra for Males session with Will Blunderfield in Vancouver on Sunday (along with a clothing-optional kundalini yoga session) and came away refreshed, empowered, and happy.“ - Mark

"I felt quite empowered and vitality flowing through me since your Sexual Kung Fu session yesterday. Thank you." - Kevin

"Thank you for the brilliant tantric cultivation, sexual kung fu and naked yoga sessions this morning. It certainly was a unique & intense experience where I felt connected with myself and with the other brothers who attended." - Sunil K.

“Hey Will,

Amazing to meet you at Infinite Man Summit. You made the event truly special and helped a lot of people (myself included) reach a new level of themselves.

Naked Yoga and Sexual Kung Fu have been my conversation piece for the last two weeks.” - Alex Stridehouse

“Great sexual king fu/naked men’s yoga session thanks. I also love your wisdom, took away many pearls. When you talked about being whole yourself and not looking for someone to complete you. That resonates so well with me... I no longer feel I need to try to fit someone’s ideals of beauty etc. And I feel so much more confident now. Being naked surrounded by others helps. Also I’ve had a stressful back to work week physically and everything feels so good after the session.” - male participant

"Will's Sexual Kung Fu class is life-changing. We are creating a brotherhood of spiritual men, that is amazing! We're awakening the Divine Masculine part of ourself that is sleeping in every human being, in every man out there. So for me, it was life-changing, transforming. I felt reborn when I was there the very first time. It's awesome. I could really feel ALIVE!

All my life I tried to hide and only show my "cool" side that is not really me. Everyone I met in my life, every friend, I tried to be cool. I tried to be "not me." I was like "oh I can't say that now, I can't be like that, because what would they think?" Crazy!... But I tell you in this class I can awaken the masculine part of myself, and I can show up for myself for LIFE. That's why I'm inviting you guys. All the men, try to get to Sexual Kung Fu to awaken the wild side of yourself!" - Diego Cesar, Yoga Teacher

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The location will be sent to you by email once you reserve.

Vancouver, BC


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