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What Is Preaching Lab 21?

Preaching Lab 21 (PL21) is a practicum designed to cultivate engaging Biblical communication for the 21st century. Watch an ALL CANADIAN team of pastors with unique communication styles and strategies as they share insights on preaching and how it propels the way the gospel is lived out in their churches.

PL21 was held live in Burlington, ON at Crossroads Studios in October 2016. These valuable sessions are now available online so Pastors and Church Leaders across Canada can access them throughout the coming year.

Who Would Benefit from PL21?

If you are a pastor or church leader desiring

  • Inspiration to rediscover a passion to communicate God’s word effectively;
  • Liberation to find your own unique communication style;
  • Instruction in core competencies of effective Biblical communication;

Preaching Lab 21 will reignite your passion for preaching and also provide opportunity to develop best practices for enhancing Biblical communication skills.

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