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What We Offer:

Are you having behavior problems with your dog? We can help you! We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help your dog and your family live more balanced and happy lives. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • house training problems

  • separation anxiety issues including excessive barking, whining, and destruction issues

  • building confidence in shy or fearful dogs

  • leash reactive aggression

  • aggression towards other dogs

  • fear aggression problems

  • jumping

  • resource guarding

  • crate/kennel training

  • new puppy/dog integration

  • basic commands including sit, stay, come, heel, recall, and more

  • children and dog appropriate interaction

  • working with feral dogs

  • and lots more...just ask!

We always encourage pet owners to be proactive versus reactive in pet ownership and training. However, sometimes a problem may arise and the most important thing to do is to get help right away. It is important to take steps in getting information and assistance right away versus trying to fix it yourself or hoping it will go away on its own. Sometimes this can lead to bigger problems. It is important to know that the longer a problem persists, the more challenging it is fix.

We are willing to work with you on any problem as long as you are willing and committed to working with your pet.

General Information:

All sessions are held in your home so that we can observe the everyday behaviors.

The initial consult is 90 minutes. Follow-up consults are 60 minutes.

Sessions are completed by a certified and experienced Behavior Consultant. We use only positive reinforcement methods. No aversive methods or tools are used. Our consultants have a combined experience of over 40 years and have successfully worked with thousands of dogs.

Consult Session Information:

Your first consult session will involve the initial meeting between the Behavior Consultant, your family, and your dog. We will go over the problems you are having and we will observe the behavior in your own home - this way we get to see what you are trying to explain. We will go over the history of the dog and try to figure out how the problem arose. We will then provide you with a detailed Behavior Modification Plan on how to work on the problem and how to modify the behavior. The plan we provide will only use positive reinforcement methods, techniques, and theories. We will give you a chance to practice and also to ask any questions that you will have.

Follow-up consult sessions are scheduled every 2-4 weeks unless otherwise discussed in the initial consultation. This gives you a chance to practice the techniques we have provided you in the Behavior Modification Plan.

We encourage the whole family to be present for consult sessions because then everyone will learn the techniques that are to be used. Consistency is an important part of behavior modification and it is important that all family members try to use the same methods so that the dog does not become confused. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children will not handle the dog.

If your family has multiple dogs with multiple problems we will do the initial consult with your whole family (including all your dogs) so that we can properly and fully observe the interactions and behaviors. However, follow-up consults will only be completed with one dog at a time. This is due to the fact that when you are working on behavior modification you must first be committed to working with each dog individually before attempting to resolve issues in a group environment.


First consult cost: $90 + GST

Follow-up consult cost: $60 + GST

Must be paid upon scheduling of your consultation. We cannot schedule a consult without payment.

After Registering:

Once you have registered you will receive a detailed email about how to prepare for your consultation.

Refund Policy:

We are travelling to your home for consult sessions. Therefore, if we arrive and have to wait longer than 15 minutes without notice, the session will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule the appointment for a time that better works for you. No refunds or transfers are permitted.

Contact Information:

Email: info@raeraesways.com

Phone: (780) 982-6151

Website: www.raeraesways.com

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Edmonton, AB


Refund Policy

No Refunds

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