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Play group for dogs under 1 year and shy dogs

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This group is designed for the purpose of gradually introducing very young puppies and fearful/shy dogs to the play group.

There’s a short period in every puppy’s development, from very early puppyhood to three or four months of age, when his/her experiences have a big effect on his/her entire approach to life. If he/she has lots of positive encounters with other dogs during that developmental window, he/she is far more likely to grow up to be dog-friendly. If he/she doesn’t, they can become fearful and aggressive.

Ideally, you want to start as early in puppyhood as possible. Plus, if you take your pup before he/she hits adolescence–generally around six months of age–it’s more likely to be a pleasant first experience.

An adult dog’s personality is far less malleable than a puppy’s, but exposure to other dogs can still improve his/her social skills. Just move slowly and cautiously, and if you see signs of aggression or timidity, I am there to help right away.

Very young puppies and shy dogs can get easily overwhelmed by new and older playful dogs. In order to ensure that each dog has a positive experience I have provided a safe space for these little ones to socialize in a more gradual manner; allowing each dog to engage as they feel safe and ready.

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