Q& A Session - Draft #1 D123 Alignment Report for D60 Clubs

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Q& A Session - Draft #1 D123 Alignment Report for D60 Clubs

1 Hour Q&A Session to answer any questions that D60 Presidents / VPEs & Area Directors have about Draft #1 of the D123 Alignment Report

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Club Presidents / VPEs & Area Directors of clubs north of Dixon/Lawrence Ave in Toronto or Division E in District 60:

Thank you to all Club Presidents / VPEs & Area Directors that responded to our Alignment questionaire sent in November / December.

Draft #1 of the District 123 Alignment Report has been released for your review at www.toastmasters60.com/alignment123/ in Excel and PDF formats. As part of our annual review process, some changes have been recommended to re-balance Areas and Divisions due to growth in some Divisions and decline in some Areas.

Your questions and feedback are welcomed at one of our 1 hour Q&A ZOOM sessions on Mon Jan 18 from 7 to 8 pm or Sat Jan 23 from 1 to 2 pm. Your feedback and any changes in the status of clubs will help develop Draft #2 to be released on Feb 12th. You will vote on Draft #3 at our District Council Meeting on Sat Apr 17, 2021.

This session will include a 20 minute overview followed by answers to your questions.

Please send in questions in advance to alignment123@toastmasters60.com and register for one of the two dates.