Rapid Agile Business System Analysis

Rapid Agile Business System Analysis

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You can work on your own schedule, whenever and wherever you want.

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You can start this program at any time. This is a self-paced & self-managed ONLINE course.

It is supplemented with 16 video segments, for clarity and understanding. 

You work on your own schedule, in any location. It is an Online Course. 

The single most difficult issue for any analyst when doing business system analysis has always been finding the right questions to ask clients. Every business and system analysis methodology has always lacked this fundamental foundation – a method to find the exact, in-context questions to ask clients.

Business system requirements analysis isn’t horseshoes. “Close is good enough” won’t cut it.

If you are new to analysis .... Or, if you want to change the results you get as an analyst, and how quickly you get it, then join us on this exceptional course. You will quickly learn a field-tested, highly-focused, rapid, “real agile” (yet fully documented) and risk-free approach to business system requirements analysis. 

You will never, ever, look back.

  • This program is for Business or System Analysts (non-technical and technical professionals can register).

  • It is an advanced course for new or experienced analysts. 

  • It is easy to follow and easy to read. No fuzzy stuff. Fast to finish. 

  • You learn at your own pace, on your own schedule; where you want, when you want.

  • There are 16 video segments for additional clarity and understanding

Full email support for your questions or guidance.

You will get answers to each of the following:

  • How do we find the right questions to ask? How do we quickly find all the questions to ask clients? How do we know what the questions should be? How do we know if all the right questions have been asked? 

  • How do we find unasked and unanswered questions? How do we find the ones that no one ever seems to find, or the ones we promised to come back to later and need to keep track of?

  • How do we find the questions that determine the real scope of the project? How do we prevent ‘scope creep’ during the project? How do we avoid surprises? How can we make the scope real, rather than trying to pin Jell-O to the wall?

  • How do we know when we’re done? How do we know we have found all the questions that need to be asked? How do we know what we don’t know?

  • How do we create a small, understandable and business-focused requirements specification that everyone can understand? How can we put all the related documentation in the same place without redundancy, so we can quickly find it again.

  • How do we make the documentation brief, yet complete? Can we avoid the Victorian novel, so we can easily maintain it and find elements? How can we make sure it focuses on the business and not on a technology solution?

  • How can we release and distribute the specification? Can we release it incrementally, in an ‘agile’ fashion using modern media?

  • How do we describe data access requirements based on the business needs? If we need a database design, how can we quickly determine the data accesses required by the business needs, so database designers don’t have to go out and reinvent the business wheel?

Detailed Materials: You will download a detailed session that will answer each and every one of the above questions. We’ll show you how to elicit business requirements quickly and effectively. No abstract theories. This is only about “how to do it”, and nothing else. You will take away a full set of knowledge, ready to apply on your next project. This is not the Same Old Stuff.

What you will receive: 

  • Course Presentation: A PDF which includes detailed course content, supplemented with 16 video segments; everything you will need.

  • Illustrated Book: Agile Business Requirements Analysis (268 pages), with hundreds of diagrams, as a supplement to the course materials.

  • Special Extra Book: How to Run Awesome Business Discovery Sessions (68 pages), as a step-by-step guide to effective Discovery Sessions with your clients and subject-matter experts.

  • Universal Master Business Events List: Thousands of sample “business events” covering almost every business type and area. A great way to get a project started.

 The price and small print: 

  • The Price: $289 per person + Eventbrite fees | The price includes all materials, including the the two books and the master event list, all of which you will receive by email. You learn at your own pace, where you want, when you want. There are no additional costs to you.

This is not the Same Old Stuff. This course isn’t a theoretical “what-to-do”. This is a real “how-do-I-do-this, accurate and complete”. And you get to learn from an expert analyst.

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