Red Deer Speed Dating Ages 25-35

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The Vat Pub

5301 43 Street

Red Deer, AB T4N 1C8


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Refund Policy

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Event description
We offer fun and exciting speed dating events in Red Deer that are tailored to specific age groups at an affordable price.

About this Event

Looking to find that special someone?

Speed dating might be exactly what you need!!

It is a great way to have fun while meeting a lot of new people in one night.

Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose?

At Red Deer Speed Dating we bring people together for fun, 7-minute dates, then you decide if there's a match!

Each participant has a dating card. You mark down who you'd like to see and everyone else does the same. If you say "yes" to the same people who say "yes" to you, it's a match and you get each other's contact information.

Our events run from 7 to 9:30 pm on Tuesday nights. Register then mingle from 7 until 7:30 when we start the speed dates. You get to meet an average of 9-12 singles and enjoy complimentary intermission appetizers.

It's fun. It's simple. It's affordable. Come and see for yourself! Red Deer Speed Dating is all about making sparks fly!!

How it works

Register upon arrival, and be ready to provide ID with your birth date on it. We will supply you with a dating card of the singles you'll be meeting. The bar will be open if you’d like to purchase a beverage. Then mingle with the other participants before you ‘speed date’ them. This should take from 7 to 7:30.

After a brief welcome and explanation of how to use your dating cards, the 7-minute dates begin. Remember to pick good questions, and actively listen to the answers. That will hopefully put both of you at ease and will help make your conversation fun,easy and comfortable.

Each person is assigned a table number. After 7 minutes, the men will move to the next highest table number when the bell sounds. This is the time to secretly indicate on your dating card whether you'd like to see that person again.

At around 8:30 we will have intermission which lasts about 15-20 minutes. During this time you will able to enjoy complimentary appetizers and mingle. Then we finish the remaining speed dates. Events can end anywhere between 9:45 and 10:15, depending upon the size of the group.

Before you leave, we will record the ‘yes’es from your card.

Expect an email with your matches in 24 hours, at the very latest. Once you have your matches the rest is up to you!

Be aware that email servers can be sensitive and may consider "dating" a spam word. If you do not receive an email in your Inbox then check your Spam/Junk mail folder. If you still do not have an email then text/call us at 403-597-1436 or email us at reddeerspeeddating@gmail.com. It is a good idea to put our email on your safe list.

--We try to make sure our events have even numbers of men and women. Once in a while, there may be 1 more of a gender but you'll never come and find 9 women and 3 men attending.

--We keep track of every event you come to so that you don't meet a lot of the same people at future events

--We take ID to confirm that participants fit within the ages promised

--We serve delicious complimentary appetizers

--The rounds are 7 minutes - long enough to find out if there's a spark and quick enough to move on if you're not connecting

Frequently asked questions

Why should I try Red Deer Speed Dating? We offer a fun and personal alternative to online dating, and we beat the heck out of friend or family matchmakers and blind dates ;D You’re not locked into spending more than 7 minutes with a person, but 7 minutes is also plenty of time to see if the sparks will fly. It’s fun, exciting, and less time consuming and costly than other methods.

Why do I have to pay in advance? Everyone is required to pay for their event ahead of time. Otherwise, there is no commitment to attend. As the male/female ratio must be even (or very close), a no-show can harm speed dating events.

What if there aren’t enough participants? Though we do our best to make sure it doesn't happen, same day drop-outs and event no-shows can occur. In the unlikely event that there aren't enough of one gender, we will cancel the event and either refund or credit your money - whichever you prefer. We aim for 12 people of each gender but if we were to have at least 9 of each, we would proceed with the event. If we can introduce you to 9 people, we still consider that a success.

Why do you stop ticket sales a week before the event? This is to ensure that we give ticket buyers enough notice in the unlikely event that we have to cancel due to not enough participants.

Do you screen participants? We don’t do any of the screening that you see on dating sites, such as likes/dislikes, race, religion etc. We leave that to the other guys. The speed dating experience is such that you can do the digging yourself once you meet someone that you’d like to know more about. All that information is moot if you don’t get the right feeling when meeting someone.

Why do I have to bring ID? We need to confirm ages to protect the integrity of the event and therefore ask that some form of picture ID is brought to the event.

Do the same people come to all the events? It’s highly unlikely that you will attend an event with a room full of people you’ve already met through Red Deer Speed Dating. We try to keep tabs on attendees so this doesn’t happen. You may encounter the occasional repeat participant, and if it is a problem we can arrange a different event for you.

Is it a good idea to come with a friend? While we don’t mind people coming with friends, we suggest that you come alone. We find that most people that come with friends tend to huddle with them and make themselves less approachable. There could also be competition for the attention of a particular person. We offer the following suggestions on how to make this a great time when you come by yourself: Come with the intention of just having a great time and meeting some new people. Try not to set any other expectations. If you meet someone special, think of it as the bonus to an exciting night out, but don’t try to force it. This will make you more relaxed and you will appear more comfortable, which makes you more attractive and will increase your chances of hitting it off.

I might be really nervous. How can I deal with that? Remember that everyone else there is probably nervous too. Remind yourself of all the reasons that you are a catch, and use them to keep your confidence up. And don’t forget to smile!! An honest smile can open any doors, and it also helps others feel less nervous. Don’t be afraid to be the one to introduce yourself. Others may be even more nervous than you and it will help them open up too.

7 minutes can seem like a long time. How can I make it a good conversation and not an inquisition? Try not to come with high expectations. This helps to keep you relaxed and therefore more approachable. Stay away from cliches and mood killers such as “Do you come to these things often?” and “What happened to your last relationship?”. Try to focus on who the person is as an individual and ask open ended questions, not ones that can be answered with a yes or no. Everyone is there to share who they are with the hopes that someone is looking for someone just like them, so they want to talk about themselves. Don’t come with a list of questions. This is not an inquisition. Here are a few examples of good questions: What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies? What brought you to Red Deer? Do you have any favorite restaurants or places to go? Are there things that you’d like to do that you haven’t done yet? Try to think of what you’d like people to ask you, then ask them.

How should I dress? It’s a good idea to dress for the weather, but be prepared if you get hot or cold at the venue. Being uncomfortable will add to any feelings of anxiety or nervousness. Definitely dress like you are going on a blind date, because you are!

What do I get for my money? You get a night of meeting new people, tasty appetizers, and a chance to find that special someone, with matches sent out the next day. The cost is relatively less than what you would spend on a night out without meeting receptive people.


Privacy: Our clients will be known by their first name and a last name initial. You will decide on your dating card at the event how you will be contacted by your matches. That will be the only information we share. We ask to see your photo ID at the event to confirm and record your age. This info is strictly for our records and the integrity of the event and will NOT be shared with anyone.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds unless we are forced to cancel an event. If you will not be able to attend your event, you can give us 7 days notice and we will gladly transfer your ticket to another age appropriate event of your choice. Transfer requests any closer to the event date will forfeit their ticket cost. Attendance is the key to making these events enjoyable for all participants, and empty seats can make for a bad event, which is why we are strict on this policy.

If we are forced to cancel any event, you can choose to be reimbursed the ticket cost or have us transfer your ticket to another age appropriate event of you choice. We do not cancel unless low attendance will make it a bland event. The entire goal of these events is to bring together a good amount of people so that they can have a fun and exciting night, and too few participants drastically affects our goal.

Express consent: By registering for an event, you are giving your EXPRESS CONSENT to receive emails and/or texts from Red Deer Speed Dating. We will not sell or otherwise share your email address with any other company. We will not share your email address with any other participant, unless you specify that email address as your match contact information. We send the occasional email update of future events, depending upon your age and gender.

We will occasionally text or phone you if we have been unable to reach you by any other means. You will not be inundated with junk mail from us. You can stop receiving any communication from us by asking to have your information deleted from our files.

Staff and participant treatment: Mistreatment of staff, other participants, or any other individuals at the events will not be tolerated. The offending party will be asked to leave, banned from further participation in any future event, and will forfeit any monies paid. It is the sole discretion of Red Deer Speed Dating what is considered mistreatment.

Safety: Though this is a topic that no one wants to consider, as it may dampen the atmosphere that we are trying to create, it needs to be addressed. When meeting new people, please use your own best judgement when it comes to sharing information such as family, physical addresses, places of employment, and all other personal information. Red Deer Speed Dating will only share the contact information that you choose to share with matches. Therefore, Red Deer Speed Dating does not offer any indemnity against or guarantees regarding, nor do we assume or accept liability for, any and all events or actions arising from any Red Deer Speed Dating event. Attendance is at the discretion of each participant.

More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/centralalbertacupid/

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Date and Time


The Vat Pub

5301 43 Street

Red Deer, AB T4N 1C8


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Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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