Reiki Level 1 Training and Certification

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18 Haynes Avenue

Toronto, ON M3J 3P6


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The incorporation of Reiki into any type of bodywork, be that massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, or any other type of hands on work, is an incredible combination. While either Reiki or Bodywork alone will and does bring about wonderful results, the combination of the two is an effective and powerful match made in heaven. The benefits received by both the client and the practitioner from this union can often be profound.

In my practice as a holistic practitioner, I often combine Reiki with Thai Yoga Massage and aromatherapy to elevate the healing effects of my treatments, the result is always wonderful and beautifully restorative for both the practitioner and recipient.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing channeled by Dr. Mikao Usui, he is known as the Founder of Reiki. In this comprehensive course we will be learning through his sacred lineage. Reiki can be translated as Source Energy. Reiki has been applied as a powerful healing modality and alternative treatment for virtually all dis-ease.

How does energy healing work?

We live in a vibrational universe in which everything is composed of consciousness and matter. Inherently, every physical manifestation is a form of energy and we are all interconnected through the quantum field. Energy healing has been studied for thousands of years, humans have long been using our consciousness to manipulate energy through modalities such as Qi Kong, Reiki and much more.

When we hold a vibration, such as a thought or a feeling, because of the law of attraction and the laws of physics, the only vibrations which can share place is vibrations that match with each other. When we hold the dominant vibration with the intent to heal a person, the person’s physical body will have to resonate with the dominant vibration that you are holding, the physical body must raise its vibration to become a match to your intention.

What are the benefits of learning Reiki?

At level one, we can use Reiki to:
- If our loved ones, pets, plants and ourselves are ill, we can use Reiki to heal the aliment.
- Draw energy from source through Reiki for an energetic boost
- Increase nutrition in food and water
- Induce deep relaxation and calmness
- Release tensions in the physical body

This course will cover:

* Reiki hand positions for applying Reiki to self and treating others.

* Chakras: the wheels of energy that we can learn to harness to the fullest effect.

* Dousing: applying kinetic tools to guide you through your practice, offering insight into which chakras are out of balance and checking for alignment at the end of treatment.

* Kundalini: what is Kundalini energy and how it relates to chakras and our spiritual awakening

* Course Manual

* Receive your Reiki level 1 attunement


Date and Time: Saturday November 25th 2017 10:30-4:30pm

Location: 18 Haynes Avenue, Toronto - Free parking available. TTC accessible. Express buses from Finch, Sheppard West and Sheppard Stations.

Investment: $150
Includes Manual, Attunement, Certificate and 1 Private Aftercare Session (Value $85)

Payment Method:
Eventbrite or EFT to meditationwithtiffany@gmail.com

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation with less than two weeks notice: 50% refund (note: 50% non-refundable portion can be used towards sessions with Tiffany or future course dates)

Same Day Cancellation/No Show: No refund/No Credit
*Special circumstances will take into consideration*


Tiffany Tin is an intuitive healing and soul purpose alignment facilitator. She teaches meditation workshops, leads healing events, courses and retreats. She specializes in shadow work and past lives regression, and is a master level Reiki teacher, Thai yoga massage practitioner, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and a spiritual healer that uses many modalities for comprehensive private treatments.

She has taken Reiki with two different Masters and received a 200hr meditation, kundalini and chakra facilitator certification course to learn about reiki and the chakra system. She believes that to be a great teacher, she must also be a great student. She believes in sharing her extensive knowledge to her students to maximize their spiritual growth and self-empowerment journey.

Learn More about her story and energy at www.myinnertemple.com/about
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Date and Time


18 Haynes Avenue

Toronto, ON M3J 3P6


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