"Remembering Trauma, Imagining Hope" 2022 CTS Online Conference

"Remembering Trauma, Imagining Hope" 2022 CTS Online Conference

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The conference addresses the need for theologians to engage Canada's history of colonization, systemic racism and ecological devastation

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The public recognition of the existence of thousands of unmarked graves on the sites of former residential schools for Indigenous children compels Canadians to reconsider the narration of identity and history. The legacy of past figures is being revisited in light of their involvement in the creation and implementation of discriminatory and genocidal policies and structures. The failure of governments and churches to take responsibility, offer reparations for and exercise leadership in overcoming colonization, systemic racism and other forms of discrimination reveals the need for new prophetic voices, enabling the retrieval of silenced past and present lives and stories for a healing and hopeful future.

Conference Schedule:

May 24th: 10am to 4pm EST

May 25th: 10am to 5pm EST

May 26th: 9:30am to 2:20pm EST

Additional links will be provided to participants for May 25th and 26th sessions

Photo credit: Tenille Campbell/ Sweet Moon Photography

Conference Schedule (detailed description of the conference schedule can be found at

Tuesday, May 24th

  1. 10:00-10:05am: Welcome (Jane Barter)
  2. 10:05-10:55am: Panel 1: “Reconciliation: Journey, Setbacks, and Promises”. Presenters: Gordon Rixon, Graham P. McDonough
  3. 11:00-11:50am: Panel 2: "For a Humble Church: Catholicism, Repentance, and Building Cultures of Peace". Presenters: Zoe Bernatsky, Christopher Hrynkow, Doris Kieser, Nick Olkovich
  4. 12:00-12:20pm: Break
  5. 12:20-1:10pm: Panel 3: “Toward a New Christian Theology of Martyrdom, Repentance, and Place”. Presenters: Jeremy M. Bergen, Preston D. S. Parsons, Ryan Turnbull
  6. 1:20-2:10pm: Panel 4: “Faith, Hope, and Love as Embodied Disciplines and Practices within Liberatory Anti-Violence Movements”. Presenters: Johonna McCants-Turner, James W. McCarty, Hannah Bowman
  7. 2:20-3:10pm: Special Session: “ahkamiyimowin: Perseverance under Great Odds” Organized by CTS Dignity, Equity, and Justice Committee: Presenter: Joseph Naytowhow
  8. 3:20-4:00pm: Cocktail Hour/World Café

Wednesday, May 25th

  1. 10:00-10:50am: Panel 5: “Beyond Saints and Superheroes: How Can Canadian Churches Support Parents Raising Children with Disabilities?”. Presenters: Laura MacGregor, Allen Jorgenson, Kayko Driedger Hesslein, Roz Vincent Haven
  2. 11:00-11:50am: Jay Newman Lecture: “Afropessimism and the Dogged Strength of Blackness: An Assessment of the Ground for a Theology of Hope”. Presented by Frederick Ware
  3. 12:00-12:50pm: Networking Lunch
  4. 1:00-1:50pm: Panel 6: “Beyond Ecological Colonization and Crisis: For a New Theology of Creation”. Presenters: Carl Friesen, Michael Stoeber, Jean-Pierre Fortin
  5. 2:00-2:50pm: Special Session: “Cultural Memory, Resistance, and a Return to ‘Original Instruction’” Organized by CTS Dignity, Equity, and Justice Committee. Presenter: Jeanette Rodriguez (Seattle University)
  6. 3:00-5:00pm: AGM

Thursday, May 26th

  1. 9:30-10:50am: Special Session: Papal Apology Roundtable. Panelists: Msgr. Donald Bolen, Rev. Daryold Winkler, Jeremy Bergen, Christine Jamieson. Chairs: Jane Barter and Doris Kieser
  2. 11:00-11:50am: Panel 7: “Christian Faith and Theology of Liberation, Healing, and Hope”. Presenters: Andrew K. Gabriel, Don Schweitzer, Zane Chu, Patrick Nolin
  3. 12:00-12:20pm: Break
  4. 12:20-1:10pm: Panel 8: “Intersectional Feminist Imagination”. Presenters: Michelle Voss Roberts, Sheryl Johnson, HyeRan Kim-Cragg, Carmen Lansdowne
  5. 1:20-2:10pm: Presidential Address: “‘God Keep Our Land?’ Unsettling Canadian Theology”. Jane Barter
  6. 2:10-2:20pm: Closing Remarks
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