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1111 Bank St

1111 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K1S 3X4


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Tickets: $20 Online and $30 At the Door

Welcome to The Young Pros, where together, we rise. We believe that within us, we all have our own unique talents that we consider SUPER POWERS. We created YoungPros to cultivate those superpowers, and support you in shaping them so you can use them to build the life you dream of. Our event is focused on 4 superpowers; Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Online Marketing, and Spiritual Wellness. We bring in experts in each of these fields to share their experiences and knowledge for you to learn and grow from. Along with 4 speakers, we bring you a panel of Heart Center Leaders celebrating their journeys and gain valuabe insights through their experiences. Break-out sessions where we learn to connect deeper with our community, and begin taking ACTION towards your dreams. With these strengths, YOU will have what it takes to lead your life, and the lives of others, to any destination. Our events happen monthly, and are the perfect place for you to learn, connect, be empowered and take action.

Our Speaker Line Up:

1) Victoria Lymburner

Victoria GetFit is a 23 year old leading entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. She began her journey with a weight loss journey and quickly became a passionate trainer and health coach in Montreal. After losing over 40lbs, graduating university, competing in Miss Canada and Bikini Fitness, Victoria chose passion over regularity and has now coached over 1,000 clients throughout their own transformation journeys.

At such a young age, she is no stranger to entrepreneurship. With experience in opening one of Canada’s leading health and nutrition club’s and becoming one of the top Herbalife distributor’s in Canada, Victoria chose to rise towards entrepreneurship when all odds were stacked against her. She now spends her time coaching clients as well as mentoring other like-minded individuals as her philosophy remains that everyone should live their dream life, along with their dream body. ��She’s raw, authentic, passionate, driven and loves inspiring and meeting new people. She’s excited to share her journey and sharing all the behind the scenes, keys to success.

2) Dylan Dreilling & Samantha Mcloud (DUO)

Dylan Dreiling is an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. He has dedicated his life to serving people. Starting in the nonprofit world, Dylan lead a successful organization with a vision for empowering youths to “Rise Above”. He then began to transition into the for-profit world, but maintained his core life purpose- empowering people to step into their most authentic expression. Today, Dylan runs a global wellness business in 7 countries alongside his soon-to-be wife Samantha McLeod. Together, they seek to inspire and uplift as they challenge the status quo and teach others to live their dreams.

Samantha is a young Entrepreneur who has had a passion for business since she can remember. She's started up t-shirt lines, service businesses, makeup artistry, a makeup academy and runs a global business in social marketing. Her passion is to help others create the life of their dreams while enjoying a healthier, happier life! Her and Dylan now get to live their dreams together and serve the world.

3) Paul Newton

Dr. Paul Newton, a 20+ year entrepreneur, built 4 chiropractic practices, 2 of which he grew to multiple-6-figures. He credits his success to creating a steady stream of new patients through public speaking. He sold his last location in 2012 to devote his energy to professional speaking and coaching. A year later he partnered with Bob Burnham, a multiple-7-figure entrepreneur and publisher, to co-found Celebrity Expert Author, a marketing company that specializes in positioning entrepreneurs as the leading expert in their field with a bestselling book. He is the author of 2 Amazon #1 Best Selling books and his company has helped hundreds of business owners achieve this status. He regularly addresses entrepreneurs about why a book is the best tool for growing your business and raising your prices.

He was amazed to find that being a published author gave him more credibility than being a doctor and that he was able to replace his practice income within just 3 months of publishing his first book. He now works with clients internationally from his home and schedules them around his favourite activities of snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding and high intensity training.

Our Power Panel:

1) Kathleen Black - Reiki Master

Kathleen Black is a Reiki Master, meditation leader, spiritual medium and past life reader. She guides people to connect deeper with themselves, with nature, and with each other. Her sessions allow for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual clarity, healing and balance. She also teaches about the healing benefits of nature. Kathleen is active on YouTube, where she posts videos on the topic of spirituality, nature and wellbeing, to her following of 1,500+ subscribers. She has been named one of the Top 10% of Social Media Influencers on Instagram in the category of Spirituality, by klear.com

2) Samantha Cheryl

Samantha is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Yin Yoga Instructor who graduated as Valedictorian, with Honours from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Samantha is also passionate about human dynamics, holding an Honours degree in Sociology and Psychology, with distinction from Concordia University, as well as a diploma in adult education and a certificate in life coaching. She is the founder of Real Life But Better, a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness practice where she educates about the power of holistic healing and mentors her clients in achieving optimal mind-body health with whole foods, nutritional orthomolecular medicine, yin yoga and integrative self-care techniques.

Samantha is on a mission to empower other wellness warriors with unique communication tools, business development techniques, and a continuous improvement mindset to create the life of their dreams. She believes that shifting into the heart, aligning with personal truth and proper nourishment are key pillars to one’s health and self-actualization. Her motto of ‘Happy, Healthy, Free’ resonates throughout her personal life and practice, as she shares her gifts of communication, confidence and connectivity with her clients, students, and business partners. Samantha teaches Professional Practice at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Ottawa campus.

3) Parmees Fit

Parmees is a functional lifestyle and mindset coach, thought leader, speaker, and health and fitness specialist based in Ottawa, Canada. She acquired her B.A in Psychology and Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and is currently doing her training at the Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Parmees will also be pursuing her Masters in Functional Medicine in the coming year, as well as pursuing her certificate in applied positive psychology. Her passions being deeply rooted in positive psychology, holistic health, and emotional intelligence, Parmees has helped hundreds of clients find their path to peak performance since 2014. Having committed to well-being to emerge from the depths of physical and emotional limitations herself, she strives to become a motivational force for others to learn from. Her mission is to educate, inspire, and empower others to overcome physical, mental, and emotional obstacles that are holding them back from achieving their full potential by using evidence based practices to adopt and sustain behaviours that improve health and quality of life. Her practices emphasize a balance between the body mind; and encourage the belief that anything can be accomplished with proper dedication, guidance, and a growth mindset.

4) Lana Dingwall


  • Kathleen Black

    Kathleen Black

    Reiki Master

  • Samantha Cheryl

    Samantha Cheryl

    Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Yin Yoga Instructor

  • Lana Dingwall

    Lana Dingwall

    Arrow - Always Moving Forward

    Head Coach

  • Dylan Dreiling

    Dylan Dreiling


    The Power of Relationship

  • Victoria Lymburner

    Victoria Lymburner

    CEO of GetFit

    Authentic Leadership

  • Samantha Mcloud

    Samantha Mcloud


    The Power Of Relationship

  • Paul Newton

    Paul Newton

    Celebrity Expert Author

    Writing a Book to Position You As An Expert

  • Parmees


    Functional Lifestyle and Mindset Coach

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Date and Time


1111 Bank St

1111 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K1S 3X4


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