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Sales 360 - You’re worth doing what you love. Profitably.

This one-day high impact WORKshop is for any entrepreneur with products, services, in direct sales, or has a brick and mortar business, who want tools that can be used for immediate profitability.

With only 20 spots available, you’ll get one-on-one coaching, activities to work on within your business throughout the day. This is a workday so come prepared with questions, challenges you’re facing, and be ready to learn.

In this Relationship Marketing Workshop you can expect to:

  • Get clear on why you do what you do, this is the fuel that drives it all: Having a defined Why is essential to this process. You'll begin to write your why in the course.

  • Define who your ideal client is: Entrepreneurs are always shocked at how deep we go at defining their ideal client. We go down to how your client feels every day, what they think about, what keeps them up at night and use that to develop the language to attract them to you, the one who has what they need.

  • Learn how to overcome the two forms of doubt which are behind every objection you've ever heard: There are hundreds of objections to a sale but it really only comes down to belief. We'll go through the only two objections that actually exist, and how to help your prospect overcome them.

  • Create specific content marketing goals through each stage of your sales funnel... and learn why a sales funnel is crucial to your business: Learn the why, whens, what's, how's to creating your own sales funnel and why it's so important to take your prospect through it.

  • Develop eye-catching tools that will have prospects asking you for more information and converting into more clients: Why do we click on what we do? It's either because of the photo or the value of the words. Learn why being specific in your language is necessary to attracting prospects.

  • Write blog posts in less than an hour (or teach someone else how to) – even if you’re not a writer: This is a part of the day where everyone feels "wowed" within only a few seconds. Reason is, they never thought blogging could be this easy. We should you 258 ways to create content quickly.

  • Master the Power of The Headline: The best content will never get read, if you don't have a headline to catch them. You'll practice writing headlines in class using a super cool tool that will open up your imagination and creativity.

  • Learn the difference between Sharing and Socializing, and the ways to do both: Posting on social media is an art and a science. We'll talk about the kinds of posting you should and shouldn't do, and how you can use one piece of content for many posts.

  • How to plan, create, and launch the most effective email marketing campaigns: Ever heard crickets when you've sent an email blast? Most of us have. Using some straightforward templates and techniques you'll get more engagement from your audience in the most intimate form of communication we have... email.

  • Overall, you will learn a system that you can easily integrate into your business which will lead to more understanding, more creativity, and more sales.


Here is what other entrepreneurs have shared about their experience with Eileen and Sales 360.

“You are the Marketing Queen!” France Lemieux, GlowSpa

“I’ve met some pretty great trainers in my many years as a consultant and Eileen is one of the best. Her down-to-earth approach to sales and ability to cut through to the essence of what matters most is impressive. I urge all entrepreneurs to spend time with Eileen – your business will thank you!” Tina Collins, Lodestone Inc.

“The world of sales and marketing is in her blood. It’s innate. It’s her gift.” Winnifred Greer, Massotherapie Destinatum

“Eileen does a great job of explaining how to target your market and appeal to your clients needs and wants in a different manner that leads to success in business and generating more of it. I strongly recommend.” Karin Kincaid, OrangeTheory Fitness

"Thanks Eileen for the jam-packed Sales 360 workshop! You really deliver! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for specific, practical guidance on how to market their business. I came away with information that I can hit the ground running with.” Toni Pigeon, Naturopath

“Your class was a big AH HA! moment to help me be more strategic and start targeting my advertising and social media efforts.”Brock Doucet, Epicure

“Thank you! I received practical knowledge that cut through the clutter of theory to offer real-life solutions with a hands-on approach. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert in the field.” Shanna Steals, Visual Arts Educator

A few words from the Sales 360 Course Founder, and Coach, Eileen MacDonell:

I’m so inspired that you’ve read down to this space. It means that something resonated with you, and you’re ready to do this.

What we’ll be working on during the one-day event will challenge you and that’s the idea. You will create new language to use when speaking to your prospects, online and in-person. You will be more confident in how to tackle those objections that may have you frozen, unknowing what to say. You’ll get more response when you send out an email. And above all, you will have tried and true tools that you can actually use.

You won’t be shoving this to the back of your filling cabinet as a “oooh that stuff, that’s from a course I did once.” It’ll live on your desk as a guide for you to follow and grow your business through a system.

I promise you two things when you sign up for Sales 360.

  1. There’s no sales pitch at the end. You’re getting all the value up-front, in one day. There’s no program to sell you. My goal is to get you running with the tools you need in one full day.

  2. I’ll refund you $100 at the end of the day if you tell me it wasn’t worth it on one condition. You must have been engaged and worked with me throughout the day.

So, are you ready?

You got this. Let's go.

About Eileen:

Self-described relentlessly passionate entrepreneur. 29 years in sales. Mama to three. Wife to her best friend. Loves entrepreneurship and good chocolate. Will never have a boss again. Marketing fascinates her. Knows we really can have it all. Won't turn down a nice glass of red. Catches (not chases) her dreams. Can’t wait to hang out with you.

See you there!



Regular rate of $197 applies on registrations after October 31st.

This event is held in conjunction with GradUit Thrivers - YOUR unique mastermind, committed to accountabililty for SUCCESS.

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Date and Time


Park Place

110 Central Park Road

Ottawa, ON K2C 4G3


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