SAMA 3.0 - Solstice Journey
SAMA 3.0 - Solstice Journey

SAMA 3.0 - Solstice Journey

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Inspiral Community Mansion

SW Marine Dr. (Near Angus)

Vancouver, BC


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Returning for the Next Evolution...

Welcoming and Inviting YOU to share and co-create in the ecstatic experience of a ceremonial celebration, honouring sacred music and dance, as a conduit for personal and collective transformation. An evening of community, prayer, play, medicine, dance, sound, chocolate, body work, pulsed electromagnetic waves!, and sweet sensual deliciousness. ♥

If you are intrigued and intend on coming, PLEASE READ the WHOLE description to understand the intention of the event!!! Meaning AAALLLLL the way to the BOTTOM!!! Then make the commitment! ;)

Inspired by the ancient Sufi ritual of Sama, this evening will be a ceremony of delight and wonder... Bringing together our vancouver tribe to Dance our Prayers into the Earth and out to the Stars... Where music meets meditation, heart meets body, and dance meets prayer. Like many of our collective gatherings, we will journey throughout the evening together as a community bringing our most authentic selves to the dance floor and to the sacred fire... but what stands out here is that we will also be coming together periodically to witness a few stellar dance performances from dialed-in dancers who act as transmission rods for Spirit. There will be a free raw chocolate fountain along with fruit, medicinal herbs, teas, tinctures, and magick to help us flow throughout the night. Please come fed and bring your own snacks to keep yourself nourished as needed. There will be a sacred fire outside, kept by a fire keeper, for contemplation, song, grounding, and conversation. You are encouraged to dress/costume as sublimely as possible! Be Preprayered to Play and Dance your ass off! And bring everything that you are, in ALL of your rambunctious rawness, outrageous fullness, and exquisite totality! ;)

"Sama is a means of meditating on God through focusing on melodies and dancing. It brings out a person's love of God, purifies the soul, and is a way of finding God. This practice is said to reveal what is already in one's heart, rather than creating emotions. All of a person's doubt disappears, and the heart and soul can communicate directly with God. The immediate goal of sama' is to reach wajd, which is a trance-like state of ecstasy...
The Sama represents a mystical journey of man's spiritual ascent through mind and love to perfection. Turning towards the truth, the follower grows through love, deserts his ego, finds the truth, and arrives at perfection. She then returns from this spiritual journey as a Woman who has reached maturity and a greater perfection, so as to love and to be of service to the whole of creation."

Imagine you're actually going to dance with God, how would you show up?


This is NOT a "party"... this is a collective Journey... treat it and respect it like you would a Ceremony. Tune in to if and how you really want to show up. This is not just about having an amazing blissful time (though that likely will happen)... it's about coming together as community for personal and collective transformation through the light AND the dark. Incredible healing can take place if we provide the foundation to create a safe and potent space. By buying a ticket, you are agreeing to be an active participant in the co-creation of this collective healing and sacred space.

Because of the nature of the powerful and tight energetic containter that we wil be creating together, everyone will need to show up ON TIME for the Opening Circle as the doors will be CLOSED after the opening circle has begun. Thinka bout it... would you enter a ceremony or a yoga class half way through? If you really can't make it to the opening circle and feel super called to join in the evening, please message me privately. Everyone is encouraged to stay for the Closing Circle, but it is not enforced and you may leave when you feel called to. You're invited to arrive between 7-8 to settle in and set your personal intentions. Please do your best to honour the container, and be there for the WHOLE experience!

We are dialing in Sama to a higher and more specific frequncy this time, and as stated above, tigtening the container... the intention is to make it more powerful... which for the participants (all of us) may cause waves of intense sensation, emotion, and experience. Therefore we are asking for everyone to show up attuned to their own selves, ready to be in a community space of loving, healing, processing, praying and playing... all of which depends on mutual repect, support, listening, and consent.

In the Opening Circle we will set the agreements for the night so that EVERYONE is on board.


{{{ Sacred Embodiment Workshop with David and Loretta }}}

{{{ Doors "Officially" Open }}}

8pm - 9pm
{{{ Opening Circle - Creating the Container }}}

9 - 9:30 pm
{{{ Somatic Movement and Breath Activation }}}

9:30pm - 11pm
{{{ TATHATA - Kirtan and Intergalactic Sound Journey }}}

11pm - 2am
{{{ PACHA PAPA - NeoTribal Bass Vibrations Ecstatic Dance}}}

Neo-Shipibo Boii in Vancouver uniting artists with the Earth under radiating dance ceremonies .:. Sound Magick.

2am - 2:30am
{{{ Sound Bath - Shivasana - Integration }}}

By the lovely Krystal Patience

2:30am - 3am
{{{ Closing Circle - Prayers Offered to the Fire }}}

{{{ Safely returning Home for a goodnight's rest! }}}


Early Bird (until December 7th) = 30$
Full Price Tickets = 40$

There will be NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR!!!

The event will be capped off at 100 people including volunteers and housemates. So please buy your tickets online ASAP!

The ticket price reflects accurately the value of the experience you are recieving at this event. Again... this is NOT a party... it as an immersive 7 hour Journey experience (plus a preliminary workshop) that has the potential for amazing transfomration. Realize the value of it as you are paying for it. If you are in serious fancincial struggle, there are volunteer positions that need to be filled, and can either supplement some of your ticket cost or cover the wholet ticket depending on how much you are willing to work.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! :)

Suuuuuuper Excited to connect with you all and reignite the Sama experience for our third exploration!!!

Deep Love and Graitude

((( ♥ )))
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Date and Time


Inspiral Community Mansion

SW Marine Dr. (Near Angus)

Vancouver, BC


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