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September - Indigenous Allyship Training - Daylong Intensive

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"Elliot's Hall at Bowen Court" - 1070 Miller Road

Bowen Island, BC


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>>> Opening Words of Prayer & Acknowledgement <<<

Giving Thanks for the guidance in your heart that has lead you to consider delving into this Indigenous Allyship Training - Daylong Intensive ~ Giving thanks and acknowledgement to the First Peoples whose traditional territory this will be taking place on, the Unceded Coast Territory Squamish First Peoples ~ You considering taking part in this has already impacted you ~ Creating a space in this moment to honor how ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Intention <<<

To delve deeper into this practice of Indigenous Right Relationship building from the roots up ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> The Heart Of It <<<

We’ve each been colonized & this impacts everything ~ I understand this to be the deciding factor that determines the outcomes & informs interactions between our healing Ancestors ~ Life has shaped me in such a way to share understanding about this, in heartfelt, in-depth & empowering ways ~ I hold my hands up to the Elders, Mentors & Village that raised me, to the many Aunties that kept me in my heart & accountable to my emotions, to the Ceremony that gave my spirit a home ~ I was born during a time of tremendous healing with a responsibility to the generations to come ~ I honor the place in your heart that cares deeply for the Indigenous People, I honor the unwitnessed truths in your being that need a place to be ~ This is where we meet ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>---> Together We Will Be Delving Into:

> What it means to belong to a lineage ~

> How we’ve each been colonized ~

> What the long term impact of this is ~

> How this affects being in Right Relationship with Indigenous People ~

> What your identity is as someone who is currently on Indigenous land ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Four Fundamental Truths To Affirm <<<

On This Shared Path of Indigenous Right Relationship Making:

1.) We’ve come a long way to be here right now, it wasn’t that long ago that our Ancestors couldn’t so much as be in the same room ~ Let’s unpack why & where to go from here ~

2.) In accordance with the teachings of my Elders & Village that raised me, vulnerability is a form of strength ~ Let’s become stronger together ~

3.) We are one anothers strongest resource ~ Let’s learn how to be with one another in the way of healing, feeling, knowing and growing ~ We belong closer ~

4.) You are a messenger of your Ancestors ~ There are unspoken truths living through you, passed on from your lineage ~ Let’s hear one another in deep & power’filled ways ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>---> This Is For You If:

(may include but is not limited to)

> You are interested in offering services to Indigenous communities & wish to do so in a knowledgeable & respectful way ~

> You currently work with an Indigenous based organization & wish to create a stronger connection ~

> You are willing to understand the hurts in your own Ancestry & the long term impact of having been colonized & don't know how to do this or where to even start ~

> You would like to invite the involvement of Indigenous people to your organization, company, gathering, conference or project and wish to do so in a respectful & honoring way ~

> You have a desire to understand more about the long term impact of colonization ~

> You have taken courses & read books & would like a very real life interaction with someone who’s been through it ~

> You are willing to hear the truth of what happened & how it is today ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Brief Overview <<<

Morning Session - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Theme: “From The Roots Up - Ancestral Honoring”

** Opening Ceremony **

> "Land-based Introductions"

> “Long Term Impact of Generational Trauma”


Afternoon Session - 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Theme: “Knowing Your Place”

> “On Indigenous Land”

> “Because I’m A Guest”

> “To Be Of The Earth”


Evening Session - 6:00 - 8:00pm

Theme: “Ground Into Action”

> “Action Allyship Visioning Session”

> Group Debrief & Integration

** Closing Ceremony **


<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Blessed Requests <<<

> Full Hearted, Full Day Commitment

> To Be Free of Alcohol For 4 Days Prior

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> What To Bring <<<

> A journal to write in & your own water bottle ~

> Your Own Lunch & Dinner ~ There will be a one hour break for both lunch & dinner breaks if you'd like to go to nearby shops on Bowen Island ~

> Snacks & Beverages Will Be Provided ^_^

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Reciprocity <<<

< Sells Out Fast >

> The total fee for this Training is $225 ~

> We Are Accepting 20 Participants For This Training ~ In The Past, These Trainings Have Sold Out Fast With Long Waiting Lists ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Registration Process <<<

3 Step Registration Process:

>>---> Step 1: Follow the Eventbrite link & select the "Free" ticket option, this will prompt me to send you the 2 Part Intake Questions (allow for 1-3 days for a response) ~

>---> Step 2: Completion of Two Part Question Intake - "The Heart Of It" & "Base Level Awareness"

These Are 6 Questions Intended To Get A Sense Of What Your Current Relationship Is To Indigenous Peoples As Well As Initiate The Building Of The Energetic Foundation For This Experience ~ They Also Cover Are Some Very Basic Things That Are Important To Be Aware Of That Matter Greatly To Indigenous People & Fundamental In The Building Of Our Healing Relationship ~

>>---> Step 3: “Secure Your Spot” With The $50 Non-Refundable - Non-Transferable Deposit ~ Do this by choosing the “October - Secure Your Spot” ticket option ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Logistics <<<

> Taking place at: “Elliots Hall at Bowen Court” - 1070 Miller Rd., Bowen Island BC, Unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Squamish First Peoples ~

> It’s entirely possible to arrive & leave on the same day, there are ferrys all day every day almost hourly ~

> There are trails (and Deer) absolutely alllll over this gorgeous Island ^_^ ...including right near the venue space if you want to include this in your trip ~

> There are 3 ferrys options to take after the completion of this day that will take you into Horseshoe Bay, after which there will be a bus waiting to take you into Vancouver ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> Ferry & Transit Info. <<<

> Bowen Island a sweet little island that is very close to the place now called Vancouver & is very quite easeful to get to ~

> You would take the Bowen Island // Snug Cove ferry from “Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal” to “Snug Cove Ferry Terminal” - It’s a 20 minute sailing ~

> For this training, it’s suggested that you be on the sailing closest to 9am from Horseshoe Bay ~

> Ferries run from 5am until 10pm almost hourly all day every day ~

Walking Ons

> The Venue is an 11 minute walk from the ferry ~

> Transit: Take the “#257 Horseshoe Bay Express” from downtown Vancouver @ Burrard & Georgia ~

> Cost for Walk On: $10.45 (includes return ) ~

Driving On

> Driving: 20 minutes from West Vancouver on the gorgeous Sea to Sky Highway, just put “Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal” into your GPS & give yourself plenty of time to get on the ferry ~

> Cost of Driving On: $29.60 + $10.45 per person, includes return ~

<<<< ♥ >>>>

>>> About The Facilitator <<<

Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry. Her path of being a group facilitator, program designer & event producer was sparked 19 years ago & has been applied in a wide diversity of ways throughout her life. Her background includes cultural based youth outreach with First Nations youth who are considered ‘high risk’, Elder Care & Child Care. ​ Her passion for contributing to the future generations has made her a community oriented entrepreneur & visionary of next paradigm change. This has resulted in her most recent development called “Heart to Heart - Indigenous Relations Consultation”, which is based entirely on the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both Indigenous & Settler decent cultures. Pulxaneeks is a living, loving result of the coastal Indigenous village that raised her & all that survived in the lineage she was born to. She honours the Elders, Mentors and huge family whose love she is a living result of and the Ancestors whose strength and resilience is flowing through her veins.

<<<< ♥ >>>>

“The truth is, regardless of who you & where you're from, our Ancestors have been through a lot ~ There are many things that tried to obliterate all forms of goodness & we are living, loving proof that it didn't work”

<<<< ♥ >>>>

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Date and Time


"Elliot's Hall at Bowen Court" - 1070 Miller Road

Bowen Island, BC


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