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3-Day Program Overvie

Note: the price is in Canadian Dollars.


LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®是一套国际知名的引导方式,让机构、个人和团队启发创意,促进团队合作,突破思考盲点。这套方式是基于教育学,脑科学和心理学的研究,利用人脑的特征和好玩有趣的方式来解决复杂的问题。

LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®透过用双手创造立体模型,用隐喻(Metaphor)赋予其意义,用说故事表达内心想法,启动人的视觉、听觉和触觉感官,从而把获得的知识,洞见和启发用于大脑的长期记忆中。大家也能够站在同一水平线上沟通,讨论,一起解决难题,互相启发创意。

谁是Strategic Play® Group ?

StrategicPlay® Group由Lloyd Smith Solutions所拥有,总部设于加拿大俾诗省的Whistler。Jacqueline Lloyd Smith是Strategic Play® Group的创始人,也是全球LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® GlobalMaster Trainer 之一,拥有LEGO®集团颁发的LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®引导认证。于2007年,Jacqueline获得LEGO®集团颁发的Partner Business Growth Award,并于同年开始为LEGO®集团培训并认证引导师。于2009年,Jacqueline被钦点加入LEGO®集团Play for Business部门的培训小组,并把这种方式公开化。历年来,Jacqueline已经在全球各地培训和认证数以千计的人,联合国和美国空军也是她的客户之一

Brian Tang 邓汇恒


全球首位以华语教授LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®方法的导师LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®方法认证导师Strategic Play®中国区独家LSP发证导师,同时也是乐高六色积木和得宝游戏箱的执行师,澳大利亚培训与教育四级证书官方认可引导师,注册企业教练,工商管理硕士,荣誉数学学士。曾在专业培训结构和澳门首屈一指的娱乐企业担任培训顾问和领导力发展项目的负责人,利用其专业知识,为客户提供人才培养方面的服务。曾服务的行业包括博彩和旅游业、餐饮、大学、银行、公共事业、政府部门、社团、非政府组织和立法会议员,累计培训人数数以千计。Brian现致力把Playful的学习模式在大中华区引进企业和社区,用崭新的手法和不同工具,把玩和学完美结合。走访两岸四地,执行LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®的工作坊、培训课程和作主题演讲,成为了Brian的工作日常


  • 国内首次中文LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® 认证课程,最低优惠价格

  • 3课程内容丰富紧凑。完成课程后可选择报读1Strategic Play®大师进修班(Master Class),详情稍后公布

  • 小班教学模式,一组学员(4~6人)配一位指导师

  • 优惠惊喜:每人赠送6认真玩官方小积木包(Window Exploration Bag),让你可以立刻开展工作坊

  • 官方认真玩积木套装国际免运费优惠机会(价值约2000~3000RMB)


地点:广州市越秀区西湖路广百百货 旧翼商务中心30楼会议室



Day One: Foundation Program
Jump into the basics on the first program. This training day introduces you to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tool. You will learn how to use the tools within a setting including flow theory, the use of ground rules to set the playing field, etiquette and traps to avoid along with numerous applications for different situations to prep the hand-brain connection. Background theory is provided with hands-on learning.

Day Two: Teams and Groups
The second day moves participants thorough processes where individual identity is explored and insight gained into how the tools can be customized for any number of workshops or processes including team workshops.

Day Three: Landscape and Systems Development for Teams and Groups
The third day of the training will provide you with an understanding of how to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® identity and landscape materials kit to build 3D models that illustrate the complex environments where entities like teams and projects and other interconnected systems function and how these environments “play out” in real-time.

Program Deliverables
  • 3-day training delivered by Licensed Trainers of the Strategic Play® Group
  • Your manual with step-by-step guidelines to deliver your LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods workshop
  • Your Starter Kit of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® bricks including your own duck bricks
  • Roadmaps to get you started developing your own LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods workshops
  • 1 deck of Diagnostic Cards produced by Strategic Play® Group
  • 1 copy of the “What the duck” book so you can learn the science behind the methodology and many different ways to play with the duck
  • Your certificate stating that you are a Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Facilitator, issued by the Strategic Play® Group and signed by Global Master Trainer, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
  • A unique Strategic Play certification and registration number
  • Three 30-minute personal coaching sessions with your Licensed LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Trainers
  • Additional information and support in ordering LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® kits, Diagnostic Cards and books.

Delivery language

The training will be delivered in Mandarin. And the materials will be printed in Chinese.


"The LSP Facilitator course is very structured and practical. Brian & Sandra are great trainers by showcasing, inspiring & mentoring us on how to master the LSP facilitation skills step-by-step. The principles & rationale behind expanded my visions in integrating the LSP into Business Innovations, Leadership training & talent screening process as well."

-Jeff Ma

Assistant General Manager, Training & Development

"LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® used to be something that I thought I can manage pretty well even though I never played with it before; after four-day certification, I realize it requires much more than just "playing" but deeper thinking, reflection, a systematic and holistic team view, etc. It sparks better self-understanding and provokes people's interest to know the inter-connection within different subjects. I am grateful to have joined the first-ever LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certification in Macau. Thanks, Brian and Sandra."

-Sean Tang

Business Owner and Trainer

"Being a professional trainer for over ten years, one of my biggest challenges is to get all learners engaged and equally participated. Even though blended training methods are applied to suit different learning styles, I still see that most parts of the training are dominated by more active learners. I am so glad to find that LSP is a solution. You will be amazed to see how people are engaged to build the bricks and how eager they want to share their ideas, regardless of their personality and preferred learning styles. “Learning is the creation of knowledge” - I have witnessed this in LSP."

-Rebecca Tam

Training Manager of a chain retail group

"Having two trainers also means having more perspectives when we had questions about the facilitation process. Brian and Sandra shared their precious experience in applying LSP in various fields, and provided practical insight after we designed and delivered our unique LSP facilitation experience."

-Kevin Lee

Wedding Planner and MC


Contact: Brian Tang at

For Macau and Hong Kong, inquiries call: 853-62110791

For China, inquiries call: 86-159-2079-7243

Contact: Sandra Lunn at

Ok, now stop reading and register for this training - the seats are selling fast!

REMEMBER!: Seats for all our programs are limited as we have small class sizes to ensure knowledge transfer. Avoid disappointment and register now.

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Date and Time


No 515

Yishan Road




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