Sharing Amal - 3 Parenting Modules for Moms, by Moms!

Sharing Amal - 3 Parenting Modules for Moms, by Moms!

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Centre des loisirs de Saint-Laurent

1375 Rue Grenet

Montréal, QC H4L 5K3


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Designed for moms around interactive learning, intimate group settings & honest convos around our kids, our cultures + our communities!

About this event

In solidarity and care for the moms of our community, we’ve teamed up with a local powerhouse, Ola Khawasik, to offer you something really special. Designed by Ola, a mom with almost 15 years of experience guiding other moms to improve their family dynamics, deal with hard emotions and handle changes wisely, this program takes a modular approach to Sharing Amal (which means Sharing Hope)!

Participants hoping to target one particular area can handpick individual modules to join, or can benefit from Sharing Amal’s holistic approach by participating in all three of the program's carefully-designed modules. The modules are complementary, each module supports and reinforces the others, but they can be taken individually as well. Participants will gain a toolbox that targets not only herself, but her kids and her family unit.

Module 1: Parenting Skills for Raising Responsible & Happy Kids

Module 2: The S-word: When and How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Module 3: Healing the Feeling

This program will bring forward honest and very real conversations that are grounded in culturally-competent exchange and conversation among moms, so places will be limited and good-faith confidentiality will be key. We’ll be starting strong after Ramadan inshaAllah, register now to reserve your spot.

Location? All the workshops will be held at the Centre des loisirs de Ville Saint-Laurent, salle AB117 EXCEPT the workshop of May 28th 10h-13h (Module 1) and June 4th at 10h-13h (Module 2), which will be held in a soon-to-be-confirmed location.

Cost? Active Amal Center Members get an extra 25% off the already-reduced, full program price. Write for a promo code. The revenue from tickets sold subsidizes bursaries to Amal Center clients! If you are an Amal Center client interested in attending, please contact your caseworker or active listener to register.

Language? This program aims to fill the gap of content available in minority communities, so this iteration of the program will be held in ENGLISH. Questions and discussion can be asked and held in French. We plan to hold an ARABIC version of this program in the Fall, where questions and discussion can equally be asked and held in English and French.

Childcare? We plan on offering free childcare of children under 10 who attend with their mothers. Details to be confirmed shortly!

Questions? Write


All views expressed by program participants and content presented by the workshop animator are their personal views and do not reflect the views of the Amal Center for Women, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, clients or any affiliated individual or organization.

Participant privacy is of the upmost importance to this program and its modules, particularly given the sensitive and personal nature of some of the topics. Participants will be made aware of and will be expected to adhere to a good-faith confidentiality practice regarding all views and experiences shared during the program.

Module 1: Parenting Skills for Raising Responsible & Happy Kids (4 x 3h workshops) - CA$65.99 incl. Sales Tax

May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th 10h-13h (Centre des loisirs de Ville Saint Laurent - 1375 Grenet, Ville Saint-Laurent), except for May 28th (location TBC)

Parenting is a life time job. In this module we'll dive into some basics that will serve you for the long run of your parenting journey, we will also learn tools and skills that will deepen our understanding of our kids' feelings and behaviors, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful home.

Workshop 1: Understanding your role as a mom. Is it your strategies or your role that evolves as they grow? Defining parenting goals and a plan to reach them & more

Workshop 2: Building a strong connection with your kids. Parenting & active listening. Understanding experiences and behaviours & more!

Workshop 3: Conscious parenting and accepting your kids for their best selves.

Workshop 4: Adolescence! A time of changing bodies, emotions and to evolve to meet them halfway?

Module 2: The S-word: When and How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex (1 x 3h workshop, 1 x 2h workshop) CA$27.50 incl. Sales Tax

June 4th (location TBC) and June 11th at 10h-13h (Centre des loisirs de Ville Saint Laurent, 1375 Grenet, Ville Saint-Laurent)

Talking about sex to our children goes beyond birds and bees! There’s no place like home for answering big questions from our kids, in a safe environment. This module will address when and how to talk to our kids about sex, how to wisely answer their hard questions, navigating taboo subjects with your family . We'll honestly discuss values, stigmas, culture & more.

Workshop 1: Fundamentals of at home conversation about sex, how to answer questions, determining strategies and navigating cultural or religious norms.

Workshop 2: Teaching our kids boundaries and privacy

Module 3: Healing the Feeling (2 x 3h workshops)CA$32.99 incl. Sales Tax

June 9th and June 16th at 18h-21h (Centre des loisirs de Ville Saint Laurent - 1375 Grenet, Ville Saint-Laurent)

These two workshops represent pillars for moms that can hold them up in their hardest moments. We will review techniques and strategies to face and cope with some of our hardest and most complex emotions as mothers.

Workshop 1: Guilt

Workshop 2: Sadness

About Sharing Amal's Content Lead, Ola Khawasik

Meet Ola, M.Sc., a Mom, founder, educator and community supporter who is the Content Lead for "Sharing Amal"! With almost 15 years of working with women, families and immigrants, both in Canada and the Middle East, Ola is passionate about developing customised training programs and facilitating honest conversations. Currently working both as a Manager of a local shelter for women and as a Project Development Executive in a wellness business development company, Ola brings a pragmatic and human approach to her work, no matter the discipline! Through these means, Ola targets the wellbeing of family dynamics, assisting the whole family unit to deal with difficult emotions and handle life's changes with wisdom. Building on her many years as a Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, certified Life Coach and certified corporate trainer, Ola has recently founded the Dr. Sam Academy. The academy designs training and development activities for women and their families and was launched to honour the legacy of Ola's father, lovingly known as Dr. Samir for his pioneering approach to parenting, childhood education and family strength, values which Ola integrates into her work.

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