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Smashing limiting beliefs and nurturing the empowering ones to build the life you desire and deserve.

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This event will be lead by Efe Fruci, a motivational coach, speaker, author, and founder of Fearless and Empowered. Teaching women how to become self-motivated, confident and how to change the narrative by eliminating the limiting stories they tell themselves so they can level up personally and professionally.

This is a FREE event, but we appreciate if you would like to donate what you can to support (ACT 2) children, youth and adults who have experienced the effects of violence, sexual abuse and trauma in their lives to help them rebuild their lives through counselling, education, housing and support.

Do you feel like you're not quite reaching your potential?

Do you fear failure?

Are you often critical when you self-talk?

Struggle with lack of courage?

Are you selling yourself short?

Do you speak or think negatively about yourself?

Do you allow yourself to believe you are not deserving of the opportunities that come your way?

Do you limit yourself to what you believe you can do?

Do you allow the opinions of others to limit your beliefs?

Do you find yourself often questioning your decision, choices and aspirations?

Do you want to envisage the possibilities?

What you choose to believe you can achieve, that means GOOD and BAD.

This interactive talk and virtual workshop will help you understand the power of your own beliefs and how they were created and look at the effect they can have on our lives and our ambitions. So, if you answer 'yes' to one or a few of the questions above, then it's time to change the narrative and limiting stories you tell yourself.

This workshop will set you on the right path to achieving your goals. Because I believe you can go further, much further if you allow your mind to take you there.

Topic areas to cover include:

• Where our beliefs resonate from

• Exploring key blockers that get in the way

• The implications of limiting beliefs

• Managing your beliefs practical tips & strategies

• Nurturing empowering thoughts and making them the LOUDEST!

Some Key Takeaways:

• Practical tips and strategies on how to manage limiting beliefs

• Learn how to nurture your empowering thought and beliefs in order to fulfil your potential and aspirations.

• Create your personal action plan on how to apply this into your personal and professional life.

• Identify the key blockers that get in the way of you achieving your goals and go home with helpful exercises to turn this around.

• Learn some valuable insight into breaking this habit for the long haul.

• Elevated confidence. Enhanced belief in yourself. Endurance for your 2020 vision.

As a thank you for your donation:

$5 You get 15% off voucher for my next event

$15 You get the above and a copy of my book (Faith Over Fear)

$25 You get all the above and a FREE gift

$40 You get all the above and a 30 mins coaching session with me (Sign Up Here)

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