Social Justice & Equity (2)

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Social Justice & Equity (2)

Are you an activist or advocate for social justice issues? Join this focus group to share your perspective.

By Habitus Collective & ActionDignity

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Fri, Dec 9, 2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST



About this event

Indigenous and Racialized communities are impacted by racism in their daily lives as they work, live, and play within Calgary. The ways in which racism affects certain communities varies based on ethnic group, experiences, as well as intersectional identities. This session will look at the multi-faceted impacts of racism that local Indigenous and Racialized communities face in Calgary and within City Services. The session will explore the main concerns faced by Indigenous and Racialized Calgarians as well as their feelings and areas where they feel unsafe.

We are looking to hear the ways in which local organizations are continuing to address these issues, as well as collect suggestions on how to make communities safer.

We are hosting 2 sessions on this topic.

You would be a great fit for this session if you work with anti-racism, advocacy, LGBTQ2S+ or other equity-seeking groups.

Please read the following information about the project. Click "yes" on the consent question on the registration page if you consent to take part in this group.

What is the purpose of the Focus Group?

The goal of the Public Safety stream is to create a public safety Strategy that eliminates systemic racism and addresses the root causes of racializing conduct within municipal enforcement and City programs and services. This work cannot be done without community voices, and therefore we will be facilitating focus groups to learn more about your experiences and the experiences of your community with safety in public spaces in Calgary. Our goal is to deepen the knowledge around the severity and impact of racism, hate activities, and discrimination. We also want to hear your feedback on our community engagement plans.

Who is involved?

The Anti-Racism Program, City of Calgary leads the project. The lead is Feisal Kirumira. The data will be collected by Habitus Consulting Collective, a research and evaluation consulting group based in Calgary. Habitus, along with ActionDignity, has been hired by The City of Calgary’s Anti-Racism Program Public Safety stream to conduct community engagements.

What will I be asked to do?

As a participant, you will be asked questions about your perceptions of public safety and your understanding of root causes, safety issues in the community and input around the community engagement strategy. The focus group will be approximately one (1) hour long. Depending on preference, this focus group will be conducted virtually or in person.

Is this study voluntary?

Yes! You have a right to refuse to participate at any stage. You can refuse to answer any specific question if you do not wish to reply.

Is there any incentive to participate?

You will be offered $40.00 upon completion of the focus group. The amount will be e-transferred directly to your preferred email address.

How will you make sure my information remains confidential? What do you do with this information?

Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential.

Only members of the consultant team (Habitus Consulting & ActionDignity) will have access to the audio recordings, consent forms, and your contact information. They will remove any identifying information before sharing it with the larger research team, including the City staff. This means they cannot connect the data collected to you personally.

All information will be stored in password-protected computers by the research team at Habitus Consulting. Once data collection is completed, your contact information will be erased.

The information shared from this focus group will be reported as an aggregated summary.

Summaries of the research findings, and a final report, will be made available to the City.

What are the risks and benefits?

The potential risks may be related to a person recognizing you based on the information you have provided, despite the confidentiality steps we will take. Our effort is to make sure your personal information stays safe with us.

The potential benefit to the participants is to help identify and address systemic racism by contributing to developing the City's Public Safety Anti-Racism Strategy. Only the project team and not The City will know that I have spoken with you. Any information gathered and related work produced belongs to the City of Calgary for the use of the City of Calgary and its stakeholders.

Your participation is voluntary. You can withdraw from the focus group at any time, Your responses are confidential and what you share with me will not be connected to you personally. We will not release any information to a third party. Conversations about racism are difficult and if you need a break or want to stop, please let me know.

Who owns this information? How will this information be used?

Any information gathered and related work produced belongs to the City of Calgary for the use of the City of Calgary and its stakeholders. This information collected will inform the design of the first phase of community engagement as well as support the overall Public Safety Anti-Racism Strategy.

What type of personal information will be collected?

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to provide your name and contact information. This personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team. Your name will not be used anywhere, but we will take down some personal details like your age, ethnic/racial identity and your neighborhood.* Exact quotes may also be taken so that we can share your thoughts directly with the City. All participants shall remain anonymous in any study findings report (final report, presentations, etc.). Only aggregate numbers will be shared in external reporting.

My consent means…

My signature/verbal consent indicates that I understand the information regarding this research project, including all procedures and the personal risks involved, and that I voluntarily agree to participate in this project as a subject.

I understand that my identity and identifying information will be confidential. Only the consultant team members will have access to the data collected.

I understand that I may refuse to participate or withdraw my participation in this project at any time without consequence. I may also decline to answer any and all questions and withdraw from the study without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

I understand that I may ask any questions or register any complaints I might have about the project with the lead consults at Habitus Consulting, Gayatri Moorthi.

Signatures/Verbal consent

Your signature on this form indicates that 1) you understand to your satisfaction the information provided to you about your participation in this research project, and 2) you agree to participate in the research project.

In no way does this waive your legal rights nor release the investigators, sponsors, or involved institutions from their legal and professional responsibilities. You are free to withdraw from this research project at any time. You should feel free to ask for clarification or new information throughout your participation.

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