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*No session June 2

SongRise runs Sundays, 11am-12:45pm through June 16

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, 7th & Vine.

COST: $15 or 'pay what you can'. Click link above to select date.

SongRise is inspired by Grammy Award-winning Bobby McFerrin’s “circle singing” concept. Soulful grooves, heavenly harmonies, body-shakin’ rhythms and wordless melodies. There’s nothing to rehearse – parts are composed on the fly, call and response, with influences from world, to jazz to gospel. Just sing what is sung to you and be part of an ever-evolving vocal creation.

Each session is complete unto itself and includes vocal warmups, group experimentation and opportunities for more adventurous singers to stretch out.

SongRise is an antidote to the craziness in the world– a way to create joyful community and put our best vibrations out there!

Who is it for? SongRise is open to singers from beginner to professional. If you can carry a tune, have basic rhythmic sense and are wanting to experience a more spontaneous approach to music making in community, you should come.

Bring drinking water and your enthusiasm!

Laurel Murphy is your guide and brings years of experience as an improviser, performer and facilitator. She produced the first SongRise New Year’s events in 1995 and 1999, introducing over 2000 people to this innovative form and resulting in a circle singing choir that continued for 12 years. Her work with Bobby McFerrin in 2017 & 2018 inspired her to relaunch SongRise and grow a vibrant community of spontaneous song.


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