SOUL Powered Run with Dr. Stacy

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Measurement Park

1167 Eastern Avenue

Toronto, ON M4L


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This run is about more than exercise.

This run is about connecting: Connecting to others, Connecting to nature, Connecting to self.

Join me for a run and experience the impact of mindfulness in action.

I have been doing this kind of run on my own for the past few months and have realized that while I can write about this experience, (e.g., see blog post “Absurd Beautiful World”) there’s nothing like sharing this experience with others. Hence this invitation for you to join me.

When people come together out of a desire for personal growth, the vibe is always positive and powerful. So as much as I am motivated to share and teach, I am also excited to experience and receive the energy from your positive vibes in return.

Here are the details:

When?: Every Wednesday morning at 6:15 am sharp, regardless of the weather provided it is physically safe to run (i.e., no freezing rain)

Where?: Measurement park by the blue measuring sticks in the ground (you'll know it when you see it)

How to sign up?: Sign up here by 11 pm Tuesday night.

Cost?: FREE (yay!!)

The Rules:

1) No talking, No headphones. The idea is to tune in, not to tune out. To dim the noise, not create more. To be in a space of observation not distraction.

2) Please review the details of the format of the run before coming out so you have an understanding of the process and the suggested focus for each leg of the run.

The Run:

1. From measurement park to the beach, just past Woodbine Pool.

Suggested Focus: Connection to Others.

During this first portion of the run, we run as a group. The pace will be set by the slowest runner. The point of this part of the run is to feel the energy of the group and to notice your response to accommodating to others. If this comes easily to you, you might notice the ability to attend to other things. Just notice what you notice.

2. Arrival at the shoreline.

Suggested Focus: Connection to Nature. (approximately 5 minutes)

Assume a rooted position either by planting your feet in the ground with a slight bend in the knees, sitting or kneeling. Allow the breath to naturally slow. Tune into one sense at a time, as you take in your surroundings. See, hear, smell, feel. Notice what you notice.

I will tap the people closest to me on the shoulder when it is time to shift to the next portion of the run. You are asked to look around and do the same.

3. Mindful walk back to the boardwalk

Suggested focus: Connection to self

This is a slow walk where we will attend carefully to each step. Notice the physical feeling of the walk. Really study your movements. Notice whatever emotional feelings you experience as you purposefully slow yourself down.

4. Run back to the start at whatever pace you choose.

Suggested focus: Connection to Self

Connect with your body, your power, the ability of your body to carry you. Feel the flow of the movement. Feel your strength.

Once we cross lakeshore back to Measurement Park, the idea is to challenge your limits, allowing the inspiration gained from the experience to power you. This is not a race against anyone else. This is an opportunity to allow that positive energy to flow through you and push your forward.

You are free to leave when you arrive back at the start or to wait for others to come in. For those willing to wait for me and for those I will wait for, I will be there to say good bye and thank each participant before I leave to continue on with my day.

If you feel so inclined, I encourage you to reflect and journal about your experience, post and share your comments.

I look forward to running with you soon!

Dr. Stacy

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Date and Time


Measurement Park

1167 Eastern Avenue

Toronto, ON M4L


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