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Speak, Inspire & Get Promoted to over 1,000,000 People

Online Master Class: Speak, Inspire and Raise Money with Kickstarter: The 3 Psychological Secrets to Successful Fundraising by the Former Mute Girl who Raised $6,000,000 (currently $50)

Bronze Promotional Video with Inspiring Guarantee*: 30-second speaking intro video & pro logo animation (currently $500)

Silver Promotion to 1,000,000 People with Inspiring Guarantee*: Video 2-Minute speaking video & pro logo animation (currently $2,000)

Gold Promotion to 1,000,000 People with Inspiring Guarantee*: Video 5-Minute speaking video & pro logo animation (currently $5,000)

Platinum (Promoted to 1,000,000 People with Inspiring Guarantee*: (5 Minutes of Video Content, shot by pro film crew in Guelph, plus a 30-second promotional dance music video about you, currently $25,000)

Star Documentary or e-Learning Course Promoted to 1,000,000 People with Inspiring Guarantee*: (50 Minutes of Video Content, shot by pro film crew in Guelph, plus a 1-minute promotional dance music video, currently $50,000)

Legacy Series with Inspiring Guarantee*: (as above, plus a 4-minute promotional music video with 50 dancers, for $500,000)

*You are guaranteed to enjoy ten times return on your investment within a month, or you will get another service of the same value for free, if you complete the related daily promotional projects (daily Psychology of Success Blueprint for five minutes and contacting your ideal prospects to ask their opinion on your video).

Thrive & change lives. Live your dreams. Change the world. In this inspiring and empowering interactive event, you will...

* Enjoy the inspiring true story and secret of how a former mute girl raised $6,000,000 with one presentation
* Learn a Powerful Secret of How to Get Clients You Love and/or Attract Funding in 2-3 Words
* Enjoy a Psychology of Success Meditation to Win with Your Heart
* Get an Opportunity to Speak & Inspire on Speak Inspire TV
* Get Promoted to over 1,000,000 People

***Spaces are limited to six participants only, so register now to ensure your spot.***

Intro: $100: If you could Inspire Millions with Just 2-3 Words, what woud You Say?

Quick, write down your answer. Congratulations! You may have just clarified your message and/or your life purpose. This is one of Sharon Love, M.Ed.'s trademark questions to help you to speak, inspire, thrive and change lives. You can share that message (and add your website or email if you like)...

Learn $6,000,000 Speech Secrets of Former "Mute Girl", Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)

Known as the "kid who can't even talk" because of painful shyness in high school, Sharon Love, M.Ed. researched psychological secrets of the world's greatest speakers and leaders. By using the secrets she discovered, she went on to raise $6,000,000 with a single presentation. She also inspired millions of people with inspirational speaking and online programs in English, French and Spanish, and helped her clients attract over $14,000,000.

Thrive & Change Lives. Live Your Dreams & Change the World! Make great money by making a difference. Network, Have Your Say, and Get a Chance to Speak, Inspire & Thrive

We will also feature your talk on our websites with over 100,000 hits per year, including OUTstandingLives.org, WinWithYourHeart.com, KindnessCircles.com , and SpeakInspire.com , with a total of over , with an inspirational quote, story and/or free offer of two words or more.

My goal is that every dollar that you invest with us comes back to you one hundred times over. Some clients get a higher return on investment; some get a lower return on investment. It depends in part if you help to share the videos, and if you speak in an inspiring way.

*Note that we only promote inspiring and empowering messages and websites that benefit you, other people and the planet (that are legal, ethical, LGBT-friendly, diversity-friendly, family-friendly, non-violent, eco-friendly and kind to animals). As long as your message and site do not harm anyone or the planet, we're probably ok with that. We accept spiritual messages (such as the fact that meditation and yoga improve wellness), but no messages promoting a specific religion. We will promote sexual health, but not "adult" services or products. Thank you.

Spaces are limited for maximum interaction, so reserve your spot today. Click the green "tickets" button to save your spot today.

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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