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YES! YOU CAN ATTRACT HIGH-PAYING SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES quickly and easily. Dare to dream of working only people who pay you well up front, buy more and more products and services, give you great testimonials, share your social media posts, appreciate you, and send constant referrals to more ideal clients for you.

SAVE 5 YEARS OR MORE with Consulting and/or these fun & engaging Success Games Online:

* 7 Secrets to Quickly Getting Clients You Love

* Win with Your Heart: Attract Success in 5 Minutes a Day

* The 5 Spiritual Secrets to Your Billionaire Brand

SUCCESS GAMES ONLINE are fun, empowering, action-inspiring online courses that you can complete in 1-2 hours each, designed to save you YEARS. By completing them, you win Play Money Prizes that you can use towards real, valuable prizes. They are Word PDFs of 50-100 pages and/or interactive online courses using survey software.

ARE YOU a speaker, executive or entrepreneur? Do you ever feel exhausted, isolated, and/or overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time? You are not alone. Being a speaker or business leader is far from easy. If you work only with the conscious mind, as most speakers and business leaders do, it's like trying to swim to the paradise of your great success... thousands of miles away... in dark, cold waters. It's exhausting. It's frustrating. It's lonely, and in many cases, it's just impossible.

LUCKILY, THERE IS AN EASIER WAY. What is in charge of your success? It's not your conscious mind. It's also not the conscious mind of your ideal clients. It's your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients. When you collaborate with your subconscious mind and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients, you beome as powerful as a team of co-pilots of a plane, flying your lives quickly and easily to the paradise of your great success.

Would you like to do what you love ALL the time, with clients you love (who love you back)?

Would you like to make GREAT money by making a difference?

Would you like to SAVE YEARS of time, money and energy?

Would you like to discover YOUR BILLIONAIRE BRAND?

Your Billionaire Brand is the brand and lifestyle you would create if you were a loving and beloved billionaire. For free introductory videos, you can visit .

Hi! I'm Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology). I have helped a number of my clients achieve 7-figure results, sometimes within a few months. If we decide to work together, in consultations via phone, skype or live in Guelph, Ontario, you will discover Your Billionaire Brand.

Through powerful questions, discussion, and self-awareness exercises, you will connect with your subconscious mind and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients, so that they become like a team of co-pilots of a plane. Yes! You can fly your life and your clients' lives quickly and easily to the paradise of your great success.

IN CONSULTATIONS, we can explore your choice of the following topics (usually one topic per session)...

* Learn The Four Secrets to Your Great Success

* Clarify your GREAT Vision for your life and your world

* Become THE WORLD'S LEADING EXPERT in your field to attract high-paying clients

* Gain at least three powerful, unique titles to attract clients you love, who love you back

* Get three unique motivational banners to attract your ideal clients online or through live presentations

* Discover The Three Secrets to Billionaire Blockbuster Storytelling to Attract Clients

* Create Your Billionaire Brand Script for Your Video and/or Live Presentation

* Learn Your Billionaire Brand Three-Step Influence with Integrity System to maximize Sales

My goal is for every dollar that you invest with me to come back to you over 100 times this year. Your satisfaction and success is GUARANTEED. If you purchase a consultation, apply my suggestions right away, and do not double your income within a month, you will get another 1-hour session ($10,000 value) for FREE.

For more information or to schedule a session, you can contact me, Sharon Love, M.Ed. by phoning 416-997-1382 or skyping outstanding.lives .

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Guelph, On N1C 0A2


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