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Spiritual Karma Activation

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Inner Alchemy

7354 35th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98126

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2018: The Year of Karma.

Have you recently received a vision or calling about what you’re here to do? Do you feel that this year, above all others, you’re to claim what’s yours to do or to finally take action in some area of your life?

Does this calling feel sudden and at times overwhelming? If so, you will be in the company of others who resonate with this sudden and urgent personal calling to do what they are here to do, to take needed action in their personal lives, or to help heal our planet and support the shifts scripted by the heavens for humanity.

“No matter who you are, no matter where you are, and no matter what you’re working on this year, every single person was made for this time.

The light beings, those shining angelic balls of light that all of you are….. couldn’t wait to get yourselves down here and shine your light. There was a line, miles long for spirits trying to get here for this time on planet earth. You chose to be here... to bring light into the darkest of places right now.”

Jen Eramith, An excerpt from the 2018 The Year of Karma – A channeled message from the Akashic Records.

2018 - The Year of Karma, is the perfect year to discover the essence of your soul's vibration and how you're co-creating with the vibration of 2018 to more fully participate in what you're here to do and how your presence is helping to heal our planet and all life Mother Earth supports. 2018 - The Year of Karma, is the perfect year for releasing and claiming what’s yours to do.

What is a Spiritual Karma Activation?

The basis of a spiritual karma activation is held in the belief that when you intentionally merge the energy of your soul’s vibration with that of this year’s karmic energy you ignite within, the body of light and energy of your calling. A body of light and energy that offers you more clarity about where Life is leading you. A body of light and energy that reveals what your heart most desires to release for your healing. A body of light and energy that serves as a foundation for a spiritual practice to claim your power. A body of light and energy directing and magnetizing people and circumstances into your life for supporting what it is you’re here to do – right now.

What to expect during the workshop

  • Listen & Receive the energetic transmission contained in the channeled message: 2018 – The Year of Karma.

  • Tap into and claim what you are here to do.

  • Discover your soul’s unique vibration for this lifetime.

  • Explore how you will be co-creating with the vibration of 2018.

  • Meet your 2018 Power Animal.

  • Identify the specific chakra energy center highlighted for 2018.

  • Identify the color(s) your soul has chosen for supporting your growth in 2018.

  • Learn about the Nature of Karma & your Personal Karma.

  • Ask your heart to answer: "What do I most need to release from my life in order to heal?".

  • Participate in a fire ritual for clearing and releasing what no longer serves you.

  • Claim what you desire to bring into your life.

  • Receive insightful messages from your loved ones in spirit.

  • Assemble a body of light and energy toolkit & personal Mantra.

  • Participate in a LIVE Tibetan Chakra (Solar Plexus) Singing Bowl Sound for integration, attunement and alignment.


  • Participate with others who are also experiencing sudden visions or the urgent need to respond to their calling or take much needed action this year.

  • Meet other like-minded lightworkers and spiritual leaders.

  • Amplify your body of light and energy to support the expression of what you’re here to do.

  • Receive special blessings and messages from two newly awakened mediums.

  • Claim your power through a LIVE solar plexus sound healing meditation from Inner Alchemy’s Certified Himalayan Sound Healer, Gail Kronberg.

  • Discover the hidden treasures and transformations available at Inner Alchemy.

  • Feel and receive incredible love and support for what you’re here to do in this lifetime.

  • Unleash a powerful, personalized toolbox, energetically attuned to your soul, and uniquely designed to support your year’s journey.

  • To be seen, heard, and witnessed at the deepest level in a safe, loving environment.

Your afternoon journey includes beautiful music and guided meditations, healing rituals, nourishing refreshments, a chakra singing bowl healing, and a staff of mediums and loving hearts. We come together in community to discover how and where we are called to shine our light.

With much Love,

Elle Gulotta

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Date and Time


Inner Alchemy

7354 35th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98126

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