Spiritual Life Story Writing

Spiritual Life Story Writing

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Join our monthly conversations. Come with questions. Leave with fresh ideas, tips and whole-hearted support for writing your story.

About this event

Help is here to bring your story to life! These sessions allow you to reflect on your life and uncover hidden truths and patterns. Get to know yourself, connect with others more authentically, initiate healing, and discover life-changing gifts.

Let us help you write in ways that bring freedom and meaning--to yourself and others.

September 21 - The Art of Self-Editing

If knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom (thanks Aristotle!), then editing our writing is essential. By learning how to deepen our work, we mature as storytellers, and, ideally, as human beings. Editing, though, has a bad rap. Too often the editing we practice on ourselves reflects a nagging need to fix things. Editing practiced as an empathetic art is altogether different, based on “re-entering” (rather than bullying) a text, so as to listen deeply to the writer—and to the stories wanting to be told.

Join us to explore how to re-enter your work with heart, clarity, and focus. Bring a “stale” piece of writing (something you wrote a while ago), along with pen and paper, or your favorite writing instrument.

Lana Cullis (moderator) is committed to encouraging kinship amongst writers. She values Spiritual Life Writing as a creative way to access hidden desires, promote healing, and encourage self-determination. Lana is a lay minister, and respects teachings shared by traditional elders, nature, and family lineage. She strives to be a bridge between people of differing faiths. Her writing draws on waking dreams, voices, and visions that reveal the tender places where human truth, individuality, and courage intersect. She lives, writes, and plays on the Sunshine Coast in BC.

Susan Scott (special guest) is a Great Lakes writer and editor attuned to story, spirit, self, and culture. She has taught in communities and classrooms in the U.S. and Canada, including at St. Jerome’s University and Wilfrid Laurier University, and in guest lectures at the Yale Institute for Sacred Music (ISM). A passion for reviving the ancient art of spiritual memoir led to founding the Spiritual Life Writing webinars (2020--) and to her latest book, Body & Soul—frank, award-winning personal essays by women writers and poets. Susan is a contributing editor with The New Quarterly (TNQ). You can reach her at sscott@tnq.ca. Visit her website at https://susanlscott.twohornedbull.ca/

Sessions are free, and open to all. You need not be a writer to take part.

Life writing is the art of plumbing truth and mystery, and finding your authentic voice. We are here to help you focus your energy, and shed whatever doubts and fears make you hold your tongue. Join this month’s experiential session, focused on simple writing exercises you can do with paper and pen or your favorite writing instrument.

Please, share this invite with others who are seeking ways to ignite their writing practice.

Hosted by AWAKENING SPIRITUALITY, an online community of seekers interested in personal development and spiritual exploration. The focus is on dialogue and guidance rather than dogma or restricted thinking.


DATE: Third Wednesday, monthly


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