STA Fall Staff Rep Training 2021

STA Fall Staff Rep Training 2021

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Online event

This training is for Returning Staff Reps and/or Staff Reps who completed the Rookie Staff Rep Training.

About this event

Your day of training will follow this schedule:

  • 8:30am-11:30am BCTF Training
  • 11:30am-12:15pm Lunch Break
  • 12:15pm-3:00pm Local Agenda

BCTF Training - Capacity Building: Developing the School Leadership Team Virtual Workshop - 8:30-11:30am

Workshop objectives:

  • To encourage school union reps to form a positive and productive school team.
  • To encourage reps to understand each others’ roles.
  • To encourage teachers to view school union reps as their first point of contact about all school issues.
  • To develop a plan at the school level for school union reps to communicate about and co-ordinate their work.

STA Local - Getting Back To Our Roots As A Union: Organizing for Power - 12:15-2:45pm Julia MacRae – STA Facilitator

When it comes to getting what we want, we need to pay closer attention to the mechanics of organizing our worksites. Let’s delve into what that actually means for reps, activists and leaders in the schools. We need properly funded and staffed schools to meet the needs of the children and youth in our community, and for ourselves as workers. There are concrete actions we can take as a union and as workers to get ourselves ready to win.

Book your TTOC/LOA (Once you receive registration confirmation):

  • Article: G.21.7.h STA Business
  • Leave with pay
  • Cost of TTOC to be borne by the STA.
  • Attention: Jatinder Bir