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In this workshop you will learn how to recognize and be aware of stress and anxiety causing thoughts, personal assets and strengths.

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Part 2 – Managing Stressful Thoughts & Focusing on My Assets

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize and be aware of the thoughts we have that can cause us stress and anxiety. The session will include strategies and practices to increase awareness of these thoughts, create space between us and the thoughts and lessen the power of stressful thoughts on our well-being.

You will also learn how to recognize and identity your personal assets and strengths. The session will include practices to increase awareness of our assets and strengths and how we can use then to move towards our goals and increase our well-being.

This is a group session. If you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression you should contact the Distress Centres of Greater Toronto for support immediately by calling 416-408-4357 or by texting 45645.

Note: this is a two-part training series, must registered for each one separately.

Facilitator Bio: Aisha Tambo

Aisha has spent over a decade working in the field of social services in both Australia and Canada focusing on mental health and addictions. In 2015 she completed the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution (S.E.) training program. S.E. is a naturalistic approach to healing trauma and stress that uses the body as a guide to tune into and listen to where survival energy may be stuck and how to discharge/deactivate that energy.

In 2016 she became a Reiki (ray-key) practitioner, which is a Japanese natural healing technique involving a "laying on of hands". Reiki treats mind, body and spirit and is very gentle and non-invasive.

Aisha is an Indigenous Australian woman, and uses a somatic and energy-based approach as well as Indigenous knowledge in her practice. She offers Personal Training for the Spirit and she encourages a curiosity about how client’s connection to their Spirituality, to ancestors and to land may support their healing journeys.

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