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Westmoreland Park Tennis Courts

Mcloughlin and Bybee

Portland, OR 97202

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the 2021 Summer slash is the Inaugural HEMA event from the Citadel Combat Arena! come join us for this fun and community-building event!

About this event

Welcome to the Citadel Combat Arenas Inaugural IMPACT weapon Symposium Event. this year we are Featuring the SingleStick Discipline from HEMA. this style represents a side-sword or a Scottish basket-hilt sword. the following details are the gear requirements and Ruleset for this tournament. this will be an outdoor tournament, so be prepared for the weather and bring plenty of hydration.


our requirements for singlestick are the following,

Required: Mask & back of head protection, Gloves, Elbow, and cup.

Optional: fencing jacket or hoodie, Leg Protection.

This Rulest is a Blade Rules Slash and Thrust system based on the Short Blade Symposium Criteria found in this Video

Short Blade Symposium Rules:

we are modifying the Rules for this event as to the Following.

No Grappling.

Thrusts are allowed providing that a loosened grip and exposed butt end are shown to the judges. if the fighter does not preform this then it is a infraction warning. second Infraction is a match loss for fighter.


the only valid scoring targets are listed as the following:

Head (4 pts), Torso(3 pts), Weapon Arm ( 2 pts), Lead Leg ( 2 pts).

Disarms are 1 pt

After blow is -1 pt for exchange winner subtracted from target total.

2 doubles, on the third it's a match loss for both fighters.

1 warning on a faulted double, the next infraction is a match loss for a fighter.

revenge strikes are immediate disqualification and potential ejection from the event with no refund.

Ring out is 1pt.

Match Length is 90 seconds.

first fighter to 9 points wins the match

after the main event, there will be a game of PALCUTTY king of the hill no Retreat and a Grand Melee to finish things off. then we all gather to go have a beer at a local pub to be Announced soon.

we are HARD CAPing this event at 32 fighters. Slots will fill fast.

to register please send $45 in registration fees to:

sponsors and Prize Announcements coming soon!

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Date and time


Westmoreland Park Tennis Courts

Mcloughlin and Bybee

Portland, OR 97202

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Organizer the Citadel Combat Arena LLC

Organizer of Summer Slash

My name is Morgan Garrett, and I am the owner and founder of the Citadel Combat Arena LLC.

I have been a lifelong martial artist since the age of 9. Staring off in my youth as most kids do with some form of empty hand style such as karate or kung fu, i chose both.

As I progressed, I moved into traditional weapons forms such as the sword, the staff, the spear and butterfly knives. I began to have a growing interest in the Japanese arts and pursued a short Career in sport Kendo that progressed into a deep study of Kenjutsu. All of my certification comes from the Shinkendo Federation, and all of my paperwork is Signed Directly by the hand of its founder and Headmaster Soke Obata Toshishiro.

Outside of a 24+ year long study of Japanese swordsmanship i have also self motivated and sought out teaching from other styles such as PTK Kali and other FMA weapons based arts.  I am  also pursuing knowledge about HEMA and Historical Martial arts of western Europe as well as Compete in Tournament for HEMA, Kendo and other weapons based combat sports. I am still a student of all these things and love sharing what I have learned and am currently learning with others on the same path.

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