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Posh Supperclub

50 Cumberland Street

Toronto, ON M4W 1J5


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Hello Business Professionals,

Please join us for an evening of Swift Networking

Network with as many people as possible in one evening. If it looks like you're spending too long with one person then you will be given the signal to move onto the next person.

6.00pm: Arrive for mix and mingle

6.30pm: Guest Speakers - Charmaine Bryan, Crystal D'Cunha and Sharon Worsley

Charmaine Bryan - The Power of Cultivating Your Professional Image

Image matters in your professional and personal life. It communicates your success without saying a word. This presentation empowers participants to take control of their image and develop their own personal brand.

By learning the correct tools to dress appropriately for any occasion they become Chief Executive officer of their brand. They will gain confidence and creditability through dressing successfully in all areas of their life. After this Presentation participant's will:·

Find out how your image relates to your self-brand Discover the power of wearing your colours and authentic styles Walk away with practical tips on fit of clothing and dressing for their body type.

Crystal D'Cunha - In Everything, You Do Remember the Customer's Point of View (CPOV)

80% of CEO'S and small business owners believe they deliver a superior Customer Experience, yet only 8% of their customers agree. Is your organization a part of the 80%? The solution: Start by getting an INSIDE view of your business with Journey Mapping!

Sharon Worsley - The R7 System™ to help businesses 'Win the Client Game'.

Just a few of the components in this system include:

Re-Engage: The hardest and MOST expensive thing to do in a business is usually acquiring new clients.

Yet so many businesses concentrate on this and spend little, if any time, on re-engaging past clients. These clients have already used their product or service. Through this strategy, participants will discover how to maximize their efforts in re-engaging past clients.

Retain:Enhance client engagement, ensuring that clients keep coming back.

Think of all the work that goes into acquiring new clients and yet businesses may not have methods to continuously reach out to them and keep them coming back. If they are not coming back, they are likely going to the competition!

Refer and Reward:Explore effective ways to encourage clients to become 'Raving Fans' and send quality referrals.

Creating 'Raving Fans' is vital to the ongoing success of a business. A business should want clients to WANT and LOOK FOR ways to refer new clients. Imagine having an easy system set up to help 'Raving Fans' constantly refer business, and in turn reward them for their efforts.


7.30pm - Swift Networking

You will be provided with one complimentary drink ticket (must be used by 8.30pm)

Additional Drinks: They have wide selection of drinks to choose from so you are encouraged to purchase additional drinks to support the staff and venue. You must pay for your own drinks.

Swift Networking: Spend about five minutes with each business professional then move onto the next person.

You save your time by meeting several people in a short space of time rather than spending the entire evening in conversation with the same set of people.

By the end of the evening you will have several useful contacts to pursue.

Bring at least 60 business cards.

Guest Speaker BIOs:

Charmaine Bryan - Certified Image Consultant

Charmaine is an Award-Winning Speaker, Certified Image and Corporate Consultant and Author of the book Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Wear.

Charmaine is an award-winning speaker and presenter known for her expertise and sense of humour. She coaches individuals on ways to enhance their image, improve their communication skills and navigate the corporate world and works with organizations designing and presenting professional development seminars and workshops.


Crystal D'Cunha - Sales Professional

The Inside View's Chief Experience Officer, Crystal D'Cunha, is passionate about the people industry! Her deep belief that "People love to buy, but hate to be sold" has never wavered. As a member of the Canadian Sales Professional Association, the Customer Experience Professional Association, and a Certified International John Maxwell Coach and Leadership Professional, Crystal continues to be a leader in engaging spirited results with businesses of all sizes.

After walking on fire with her son Zorique at Tony Robbins' Unleash the power within, Crystal was inspired to share her Ph.D. in Leadership, Customer Experience, Sales and People skills with business around the world. Her beliefs that sales are not a scary monster and that helping is the New Selling is allowing the INSIDE view to change the paradigm of the sales industry!


Sharon Worsley - Business Coach

Sharon combines over 25 years of experience in the areas of customer service (or as she prefers to reference it `customer care`), sales and marketing, internet marketing, networking and relationship building and personal leadership.

As a coach and consultant since 2002, Sharon has coached a diverse group of individuals including:

· Senior leaders within corporations wanting to really lead people, instead of just being 'a leader'

· Small business owners willing to explore new ways to push their self-imposed boundaries

· Network marketers not content to just see what shows up, but wanting to play big in their company

· Sales professionals no longer satisfied with just getting by, but willing to get uncomfortable for amazing results

· Individuals wanting to 'up-level' their life and willing get out of their own way to do so

Sharon has also spoken to a range of audiences from associations, not-for-profits, colleges, and small to large corporations, in the area of leadership.


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Date and Time


Posh Supperclub

50 Cumberland Street

Toronto, ON M4W 1J5


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