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The Empowered Empaths Workshops

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Temple Vortex

3A-518 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M4Y 1X9


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Do you have an innate desire to change the world into a better place? You feel that helping others is part of your life purpose. You feel that you came here to make a difference.

All sentient beings have the ability to feel, however, empaths are people with highly heightened ability to feel emotions and feelings. Empaths are able to not only understand why a certain feeling is arising in others, but also MIRROR those physical sensations in their body. These empathic abilities may feel overwhelming in the beginning of our journeys. However, being an Empath is actually a blessing in disguise.

When you learn how to harness your empathic abilities, you become more intuitive, gain self-confidence, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. Often times empaths will neglect their own needs in order to help or please others. I know it sounds cheesy but you have to fill your own cup first so you can serve better!

When you are running on empty, you might feel tired easily, or you might feel that you are not doing enough for the world or you are currently feeling stuck in your own life.

Ever notice walking down a busy street, it usually becomes stressful to navigate your way through the crowd when you are not present? Or the more you try to avoid not bumping into people, the more you seem like you are bumping into them.

The path is easiest to navigate when you are present, your energy is centered and when you are in the flow state.

In these workshops, I will be sharing with you how to align yourself with your soul purpose through working and understanding the innate elements that we all possess - Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Fifth Element.

If these elements are imbalanced in our beings, we struggle with inner conflicts, negative thoughts and emotions. It is important that we have tools and techniques in our batman toolbelt to help us realign ourselves to soul energy in difficult times.

When all of these elements are working in harmony together, we are grounded, in the flow, we are assertive, take on challenges, have healthy boundaries and we become conscious creators of our lives.

You are an empath if you have the majority of these traits:

  • Highly sensitive to surroundings

  • Public places can be draining

  • Highly in tune with others emotions

  • Need alone time to recharge

  • Feel subtle energy very easily

  • Over giving or Martyrdom

  • Have troubles with boundaries

  • Self reflective

The workshop will cover:

  • The Pentagon of Self Transformation

  • The chakra system and the elements

  • Grounding with the Earth Element

  • How to be in the Flow with Water Element

  • Assertiveness and Boundaries Creation with Fire Element

  • Heart Attunement with Air Element

  • Healing emotional wounds with the five elements

Learning Format:

  • A safe, serene and high vibrational space

  • Guided Meditations with Certified Teacher Tiffany Tin

  • Seminar-Styled Group Work

  • Worksheets

  • Holistic Practices such as yogic movements, meditation or self healing techniques

Empaths Empowerment Circle

Wednesdays Jan 10 to Feb 7 7-8:30pm

Jan 10th: Empowered Empaths: Grounding with Earth Element

Jan 17th: Empowered Empaths: In The Flow with Water Element

Jan 24th: Empowered Empaths: Assertiveness and Boundaries with Fire Element

Jan 31st: Empowered Empaths: Heart Attunement with Air Element

Feb 7th: Empowered Empaths: The Fifth Element

$20 per workshop, $80 for all 5 workshops

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Date and Time


Temple Vortex

3A-518 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M4Y 1X9


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